My how time flies

So an old WP friend messaged me here on one of my posts, kinda cool.  I decided to check out the 2019 stats as I’ve not really done anything here for 2 years…..boy was I surprised at my findings.

Who knew that my “How to Swear in Korean” post would be so popular?

Maybe I’ll start doing stuff again here.  Won’t be about Korea, unless I go back and visit(which would be cool) but I do plan on travelling.  Keep an eye out.  Might still find some interesting use for this blog still :)

Given the amount of oppression that exists in online speech in South Korea, more than you think but not ass much as
North Korea (of course, you have to HAVE Internet to have an online voice….), I thought this was worth restating this here.

The Networking Nerd


Just when I think I’ve just about run out of things to write about when it comes to blogging and independence, the real world goes and gives me a nice topic on a silver platter.

For those that may not have heard, there was a bit of an issue at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  At most of these shows, the various media outlets that cover the event will look at the gadgets or products that the vendors are showcasing and pick a few to win “best of show awards.”  Most of the time, this involves writing a little bit about the product and giving it some press.  CNET does this for the CES every year.  This year, one of the products they were going to give an award to was the multi-channel commercial skipping DVR from Dish Networks called Hopper.  According to a few reports, this was…

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2 weeks and here we are

Me: Hey Virtual Christian Dumais.  Guess what?

VCD: Umm, can ya wait, changing a baby diaper here.  Not exactly a multi-tasking event.

Me: Oh, sure.  Go ahead.

15mins, the odd scream, some disinfectant spray where an ‘accident’ happened, later and VCD was good to talk.

VCD: Ok, what’s up?

Me:  Well, it’s been two weeks since my departure of FaceBook and I feel fine.

VCD: Good for you.  Do you want a badge or something?

Me:  Ohh, like some sort of FB-AA meeting right?

VCD: Sure. Here’s a nice shiny piece of plastic.

Me: Hey, this is just a handi-wipe lid!

VCD: Look inside.

Me: Says made in China.

VCD: There you go, even the Chinese approve of your 2 weeks of abstinence!

Me: Tell me you don’t try things like this in your stand-up comedy routine.

VCD: Nah, I only use the good stuff for people who matter and are paying.

Me: But you are virtual.  You don’t get any money any ways.

VCD: Hmm, true.  Still, suck it up.  It’s all I got for you.

Me: Sigh….methinks I chose the wrong muse for this endeavour.

VCD: Maybe but if you think someone else can do a  better job,  then why are we still talking.

Me: Well, I am hoping you, the real you, might find this somewhat amusing.  And besides, it’s an interesting way for me to talk about my life without having to kinda lecture people on a somewhat boring existence outside of the words I write here.

VCD: <shrug> if you say so.

Me: For a muse, you don’t seem to be very inspiring.

VCD: Don’t make me ang-

Me: Oh no you didn’t!  You already used that line!

VCD: I did?  Damn.  I’ll make it on my giant chalk calendar…

Me: Wait…did you say chalk?

VCD: I did.  Something wrong?

Me: Nope, just making sure I heard that right.  Personally I thought the whole dry-erase thing is kinda dumb and overly expensive.  Yet I did see a goofy automatic chalkboard eraser mechanism at a local University here.  Seemed over kill.

VCD: Really?  Now that’s a juxtaposition of technology.

Me: Hmm, well this rambled on a bit now hasn’t it?

VCD: Yeah, kinda.  So if there is nothing else, I got things to do, tweets to make.

Me: Well, thanks for….well….no real inspiration today it seems.  Maybe next time you’ll help.

VCD: Or maybe not.  It’s not really me so I don’t really have much of a choice.

Me: Huh, I guess not.