What does Jimi Hendrix and South Korea have in common?

Luna Lee apparently.  Let me explain.

First, even if you don’t like Jimi Hendrix, listen to this video.

Now, I doubt there are few who would argue about Jimi’s great guitar skill.  Hell, I don know how to play but could see his passion and energy and appreciated it when I do occasionally listen.

Now, here is the South Korean connection.  Meet Luna Lee.  I don’t know anything about her but I just saw this cover she did with a Gayageum of the above song and was blown away.  Having been in Korea for nearly 3 years, and seeing how ‘mechanical’ they tend to learn things, I watched her play very closely to see if she had the spirit of the song in heart.  I was NOT disappointed :)  She killed this song and has made a fan of me :)


I hope I can meet her and thank her in person for that awesome and inspiring performance!  Please share this around!

Cassette tapes still alive in Korea.

The older generation has a hard time offering go here.


Yes, this store sells cassettes and CDs.


I never see anyone in third pave except the worker.  I wonder how much longer it will stay in business.

Live music in #South Korea

One of the things I have missed from home is watching my musicians friends perform.  Tonight a friend of mine had introduced to this place that is really close to my community club!  How awesome is this?!

This place is called Sound Hill (Korean 소릿골) and not only ifs the guy singer pretty damn good, he is also the owner AND bartender!  Check him out!