I’m a sucker for good SciFi

If you haven’t alreadym subscribe to the DUST channel on YouTube. Hollywood has lost it’s touch by simply reashing/making, mixing old ideas over and over again. This channel brings out new ideas, awesome talent and cool shorts and series.

I just finished one called Atropa. Give it a watch!

Oh look….a new post!

I wrote this as a description for a SciFi RPG intro for one of the planets I created.

You step out of the ship onto the giant stone slab surface. You are infinitely grateful for your EV suit for not only keeping the -35C temperature at bay but also providing the O2 this planet clearly lacks.  You look around and wonder at the extensiveness of such work to create the massive stone slabs and megalithic structures that surround you.  You feel a twinge of remorse for the burn mark your ship has left on the stones but at the same time, you get the feeling that no one has stepped foot on them for over a millennia.

You thought there might have been a glitch with the scans when they told you the entire planet surface was covered in stone…..you still have a hard time believing it even after seeing them before you now.  The sheer amount of work that went into making this is astounding.  We think of ourselves as advanced to be able to travel the stars and build great cities but this…..this dwarfs nearly everything you’ve ever read.  The scale of effort alone is staggering.  

You go to take a few steps when warning lights go off on your HUD of an incoming large object.  Taken aback, you suddenly feel and see a large boulder that thuds on the ground, shaking the immediately area in a slightly dangerous way, and then continues to bounce and roll by you.  That certainly would have done some nasty damage to the ship.

You see, on the far side of the large courtyard in which you landed, a number of glowing yellow balls seemingly floating in the darkened recesses of the walls.  From within the shadows, you see something emerge, human shaped and clearly carrying a staff of authority, upon which a small glowing ball of light hangs..  He does not have a pleasing demeanour to his stance as more of of the same shapes emerge, just slightly behind the first.

Wedding photo ideas

Being the geek that I am, and having gone through all the wedding photo sessions that I have either watched or been part of, I was thinking that some of the more sci-fi bent people would like a more glamorous photo that portrays their beauty and matching up their meeting of a fellow kindred soul to bond with, on a cosmic scale.

Take pictures like these:

Oceans_wallpapers_360 sci-fi-planet Unicorn_fantasy

Add in a bride wearing a fancy, or even traditional wedding gown, that flows into the background.



I think it would be stunning!  If only my photoshop skills were up to par :)