Weird Connections, part 1

Sometimes you hear something from an ancient story and then realize….heyyy, that sounds familiar. Here are some weirdly intersting connections that I’ve found. This will be an occasional, but ongoing, series.

Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA.

Everyone in modern western culture has heard of this area. It’s a metonym for the US Congress. The Capiral Hill Building is very prominent and very recognizable. Especialy the round dome with the pillars all around it.

Intersting to see the styles of other buildings that mimmick pillars as well.

Did you know that there was an area called Capitoline Hill in Rome? It too had promient buildings with pillars in them and considentally was the place where King Tarkin tried to avoid a prophecy on famine but instead caused the prophecy to come true. Related to THIS POST.

I’m hoping to keep this little series going over the years. I find it rather intersting.

Added bonus!

Did you know that the Capitol Hill area has a hidden Owl shape in it?!

Random English Word References

I’m always a bit facinated when I learn the origin of a common word that you never realy thought about before. So I’ve compiled a little list of thing things I’ve found and thought it would be worth sharing.

“Leaves of a Book”

The story goes that there was this woman, Cybill from Cumae, a region near Naples, Italy. She lived in the lava tube caves of Mount Vesuvius. Here she discovered that she could enter in an alternate state of consciousness due to the volcanic gasses(in particular Ethylene) and further enhanced the experience with Bay Laurel Leaves(Nope, this still doens’t explain leaves of a book yet). What she apparently did do was write down prophecies and oak leaves. At one point, she was summoned to see King Tarkin (Oh, and now I know where they got the character name Grand Moff Tarkin!) and when she went, she brought 9 books that were filled with prophecies and the book’s pages were made from oak leaves.

And now you have just a little bit more knowledge about the English languages.

My super power sucks

I can tell when it’s going to rain. Yup, that’s my super power.

How doe sit wori? You obviously ask. I get headaches, usually. When the barometer changes. Now, it can change slowly or quickly, and that generally determines the strength of my headache, and thus my super power manifests and I can confidently say “It’s going to rain” without the need to look at a weather app.

But wait….there’s more.

See, if that’s all it was, I’d be fine with it as any anti-inflamatory (Advil, Ibuprofen) works well enough to manage any level of pain, but there’s more. See, such super powers include many different types of side-affects. Such as ‘big head’ syndrome. Yeah, I don’t know the proper name for it but if you’ve even been drunk, your head feels 5 times bigger than it is….except you’re thinking perfect fine, just kinda in a mental bubble. That’s probably the ‘best’ one to have as all one has to do is sit down and wait.

Then there is simply being tired. I mean, like suddenly and drastically tired. That was today.

See that drop. That’s the culprint right there. I was sitting at my table and suddenly I was ridiculously tired.

Maybe you’re thinking I just didn’t get enough sleep. Ha! By this point of the day, I’ve already had a Monster Energy Drink, a venti Apple Crisp Machiatio from Starbucks and a regular coffee. I should have been flying for 12hrs straight. Nope, I had to lay down and crash for about 1.5hrs. THEN I woke up to a mild headache, which is still here, 6.5hrs later.

So yes, my super power sucks. I’m soooo glad I’m going to a cabin with a buddy for the weekend to GTFO.

Pets say the darndest things

I had this realization the other day. My cat is the one thing that teaches me love everyday. Oh sure I love my family and friends but that feeling is clearly no where near as intense as I feel for the ‘immedieate’ family in my vicinity. She gets her ‘big hugs’ (I literally just surround her while she’s sitting on the chair, she then gets all comofrtable by laying down) and is entirely content with the attention.

Tasha’s Big Hugs

I even setup her own Instragram account. She literally tells me when I need to stop and go to sleep. I suspect evil plans are afoot though, and I’m keeping her from an important meeting.

She doens’t post much but when she does, it’s usually profound. :D

Being creative: LED lights

One day I decided I wanted my bathroom just a wee bit fancier. So I bought a glass jar, some AA battery powered scring of lights and put them on a shelf. They looked great and I felt just a slight bit of ‘ooooh’ because I had done some decorating. That lasted 3 days before the batteries died to a rather dismal level.

Now I have to come up with a better solution. And thus I did. I cut the wire running to the little battery box, picked up a dollar sore USB cable, cut that, and soldered the two together. Then I took a cheapie dollar-store USB rechargeable battery pack and plugged it in. Voila! Rechargeable batteries at a significantly lower cast than rechargable AA. Yes I used hot glue to encase the soldered wires. No one is going to see it and it’s going to protect it better than tape or even heat shrink in such a moist environment..

Mushroom Ink, the experiment

Having let the Shaggy Inkcaps delequesce for a few days, I felt that the ‘black goo’ looked good enough to soak some material in.

It smells worse than it looks really. The material are a pair of old ‘seatbelt shoulder pads’. The goal is to dye them as black as possible, then sew on some light-coloured leather, possible having them laser-scored with custom writing after. Since my Volvo is black and tan coloured, trying to make the same for the shoulder pads.

I’m prety sure the material is synthetic, so it might night dye too black, I suspect it’ll at least be a darker grey. The biggest part will be making sure the smell doesn’t stick around! You are sooooo lucky that they have not yet invented ‘scratch and sniff’ webbrowsing!