Bathroom Graffiti


Saw this in a Holley’s Coffee shop in Itaewon.  Pretty creative if somewhat defacing ….

We aren’t flying out till tomorrow so today, we are eating at the best burger joint in the world,  The Smokey Saloon.  Here is part of the new menu:


Don’t forget the Bacons! (See Smokey ingredients)


So I saw these as I was out for a walk tonight….

Of course I thought this would be an awesome way to motivate students to learn math…why not combine the worlds ‘oldest profession’ with ‘math’?  Ok, maybe a sad attempt for an business idea and I was going to just mentally going to drop it but then I saw this right across the street from it:

Maybe I wasn’t so far off after all….

Art work in #Korea

I like to create things.  I see more in my head than I ever create.  So this year I plan on doing more, as evidence of this blog.

I have this community space I have put together here in South Korea, Uijeongbu to be more precise.  Here I have a language exchange that I organize twice a month.  I also plan to make more use of it with more classes.  We shall see how this goes.

For now, I am using some of that abundant creative power sitting around in my brain and bringing to life all the mixed ideas I come up with.  Here is one I just did today.



I call this “the reflection picture.”.  Is the wording obvious to its meaning do you think?

#Seoul Tim Burton Exhibit

So there is a Tim Burton “media” exhibit. I use the word media because there are a few types of visuals on display. First are gates to the Art museum.  They do look pretty cool.

Tim Burton Gates

Then you have the dressing up of the ticket box oh the outside.  A nice touch I think.

Box Office where the pumpkins puke out your tickets after you stuff money down its throat.

Of course the entrance is all dressed up outside too.

Gallery Entrance

Once inside, there is a giant inflatable character plus at work all around.

Giant inflatable character, main hall

We were told no pictures of anything inside the exhibit halls.  This time I decided to go with that.  I can tell you that besides numerous drawing, napkin scribbles, paintings, there were also video displays.  The videos ranged from short small screens to full-scale movies, although, none of the Hollywood stuff of course.  That would be breaking some short Intellectual Property violation or least cost way more than it would be worth.  Still, our was nice to see the artwork.  The early writings of his ideas for movies, and even a rejection letter from Walt Disney Co on one of his submitted children’s books from his early beginnings.  Rather amusing that he ended up working for them years later.

Entrance to exhibit halls

It was worth the trip and 12,000 won.

Tim Burton Batman drawing
Tim Burton Batman shoving me out-of-the-way.
Inflatable character, other side.

Visit to a LED Art display

I read about this LED art display and decided to check it out.  As always, the subway ride provides a form of amusement for me. Today some ajoshi was telling at a sitting passenger because she was sitting when older people were standing.  None of them were caring but this guy decided to speak up.  Even the other ajoshis were telling him not to bother because they didn’t care. He wasn’t even looking to sit, he was just walking by and got bent out of shape.

Korea can be a land of contradiction for me. They practically legislate respect for elders but could care less for cleaning up after themselves in a restaurant.  My mother always taught me to clean up.  I learned that “leave a place cleaner than when you arrived and you’ll always be invited back” while I was in Air Cadets.  Here they parents coddle their children and third leads to a compete lack of respect for people they don’t know.  This is definitely a culture clash for me.

Despite there’s being foreigners here fort many years, done of the older generation are stunned. They just stare unapologetically. The middle agers are obviously nosy and crane their necks to sees what the “waygooks”(foreigner) is buying today at the supermarket.

Back to our trip. I like visiting new places, even if its just a new subway station. Each station here has its own character. This one is no exception.



Can you realm that we are near a palace? :) We are also near the Blue House. Korea’s version of the US White House. Also, it is no surprise that a $4 coffee is $6 in this area. Not so much torus but more just high Trent when right beside a palace. Good coffee though.


Ok, the LED art display was a bust. I mean it was nothing a special. Just some computers running through a projector for most of it. The other party was kinda cool. We weren’t stopped to take any pics. Oops.




To be honest, there was more skill in the subway art tthan in the art gallery. Heck, I saw more skil in some of the art things for sale in the coffee shop! Here’s a vid I took of the last one.


Hard to see but that little screen has a hand with drumming fingers playing.

After that disappointing 5 mins, we decided to try some of the other art galleries in the area. Only mildly better really.


Sequins, sequins and more sequins.


The wired frame piece was the only really cool thing I saw.

I really should put up some of my own art. Sooner of the stuff I saw was down right sad. No real though into it, I have seen 6th graders do better.

Well, so much for this day trip.

It is always an adventure

I feel a little sad for those English teachers who come here and do nothing but work, drink, party, work. They are missing out on soooo much adventure. I don’t mean just the typical cultural things, such as temples or Festivals. I’m talking every day things that you see and would normally ignore in your own country but here it stands outs and impossible to ignore.

Like the Crazy Religious Guy.

I spent an hour in McDonald’s just observing this guy making his collage of articles and notes on each page. It was something I can’t really explain how I felt. I was like in some sort of alternate universe while I was eating my fries beside this guy. I tweeted everything he was doing and created a blog entry on it. I felt like I was witnessing something and compelled to stay less this experience be lost. Still, part of the adventure that I am sure the vast majority of Waygook‘s will miss out.

Up next is WTF Art:

Maybe I am no true artist because I just don’t get this type of art. While I am amused that they have such a thing in the Hongdae Trick Art Museum, I really have to question the reason for this to be here, let alone the person who made this. I was disappointed by not being able to get my camera ready quick enough when a couple let their little girl (and by little, I mean 3 years old) walk up to the statue and stick her finger ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

Ever seen an Inflatable wall? Well you can’t say that any more!

Korea has some interesting ideas on construction safety. Not only is there already a giant metal wall surrounding this site, but they felt the need to add in the wall from a jumping room.

Speaking of safety, check this guy out:

At first glance you just see a guy(barely) doing some exterior maintenance or window cleaning(he’s right above the tree). Until you look a bit closer..

The guy is basically sitting on a swing! Don’t see any safety harness there, do you?

But don’t scream, you’ll wake the Subway Troll!

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this. I’ll just leave this here and not say a word.

So, if any of you have text-character bodies, this plastic surgery place is the spot for you!

I think I would prefer real life examples.

Even PedoBear gets a Brazillian!

Itaewon is the place where you can get A-N-Y-T-H-I–N-G. Don’t worry, I’m staying Au-natural.

Korea is a place where you will see all kinds of fashion. I don’t really know what to make of this jacket but I just had to stop the guy and get a picture. I’m sure he just thought I was some crazy Waygook tourist and complied.

I can’t wait to see what the spring/summer will bring me this year for adventure!