New Bling

So hanging with my brother while he peddles his laser etched/burned wares this weekend.

Kasseih Designs’s Booth in Paris, ON

It’s fairly casual on the first day, got some people stopping by, good enough weather for it too.

Of course I check out other vendors and there’s a guy selling jewelry. Of course I had to look for Dragon stuff :)

Dragon Bracelet
Celtic-style knotted ring

They don’t call me DragonDon for nothing :D

So I saw these as I was out for a walk tonight….

Of course I thought this would be an awesome way to motivate students to learn math…why not combine the worlds ‘oldest profession’ with ‘math’?  Ok, maybe a sad attempt for an business idea and I was going to just mentally going to drop it but then I saw this right across the street from it:

Maybe I wasn’t so far off after all….

KvD: #4 Stealth

Once upon a time there was a Great Princess captured by a Great Dragon and was trying to be rescued by a Great Knight.


The Silent Knight climbs the mountain at night while the Great Dragon is sleeping.


The Great Dragon snores and stirs only a little when the Great Knight is close.

What’s that sound?

The Great Dragon sneezes!


The Gret Knight is defeated.


KvD: #2 Armor!

Once upon a time there was a Great Princess captured by a Great Dragon and a Great Knight tries to save her.


Having been defeated by the Great Dragon before, a new tactic must be had.  Armor to protect the Great Knight from the flames.

And we’re off!

The Great Knight with his heavy armor, and poor horse with a sore back, make it to the top of the mountain.

Made it!

Slowly he walks towards the Great Dragon in his heavy armor.  Slowly…..very slowly.


After many agonizing minutes, the Great Knight arrives to confront the Great Dragon, who is very annoyed that it took so long to get to this point.


The Great Dragon beathes fire.


The Knight is still standing.  So the Great Dragon breathes more fire.

More Fire!

The Great Knight is melted into a pool of iron.



KvD: #1 Captured Princess

Once upon a time you had a great castle in a great Kingdom.

Great Castle

And in this Great Castle lived a Great Princess

Great Princess

Suddenly, a Great Dragon appeared in the skies.

Great Dragon

This Great Dragon capture the Great Princess from the Great Castle!

Great Dragon Captures Great Princess

A Great Knight hears of this and sets off to save her!

Great Knight off on a quest

The Great Knight confronts the Great Dragon.

Great Knight fights Great Dragon

The Great Dragon breaths fire on the Great Knight.


The Great Knight is defeated….this time.