LinkedIn Degredation

Posted to my LInkedIn feed:

So apparently LinkedIn does not know its own rules or simply doesn’t understand the concept of #spamming . One of the groups I’m in is a Volvo group. So if someone posts a message there when they are not “Keep content professionally relevant and on topic.”, that is their definition of spam. So I reported a bunch of posts and got told it didn’t go against their policies. Yet their polices state a post must stay on topic. When you post a resume or a blatant ad for a non-Volvo related company, that is the very definition of Spam.

“Our Trust & Safety Team reviewed your report thoroughly and found this post did not go against our Professional Community Policies.”

I’ve been hearing that LinkedIN has been going downhill for awhile…..this seems confirmation of that very notion. #fail

I have a Security team?!

So, if youve checked out my About page, you will note that “Eyagee” is the Koean word for Story. I thought it fitting for a blog. The regular nickname I use is DragonDon. And I just got an email from my ‘security team’ about a ‘Suspecious Activity Notification!” Think I should check it out? :D

Spam amuses me

Sometimes I like reading spam….for the atrocities made up the English language.  Take this fine example.

This article made me effulge. After reading this article, I encouraged a lot. I will focus on your blog. I hope everyone like me herebring in happy, reap moved.

I don’t know what ‘effulge’ means but it might be better if I just NOT look up that word……just in case.

Spammers: a rant….against stupid web hosters….

So one of my email addresses gets on a spam list.  Not that I would receive spam, but that I would be ‘blamed for sending’ spam.  Basically someone is using my email address as a ‘legitimate’ email address.  So I’ve been getting a lot of ‘out of office’ replies.  Luckily I’ve got two levels of spam protection and can safely ignore the odd one that gets through.  Then my webhoster decides that I’m the one to blame.  Right….here how that went.


Riiight.  So here’s my response:


“We assume that a virus on your local computer spied out the login data to your 1&1 mailbox”
Do you even know how email works?  Geeze.  This email account goes through Google.  So, unless you think that Google has been hacked (and ONLY this email address out of the 4 OTHERS I have through the same logon, which have NO spam from them), I’d like to see you prove it.
“The virus transferred it to the hackers and they have been misusing your mailbox to send Spam.”
So, what you are saying that is my mailbox is being ‘misused’, then I should see a ton of SENT mail in there right?
Nope.  Nothing there.  Maybe they are the type of spammers that like to keep a clean system and delete sent messages?  Well, that means there should be a ton of messages in my trash box right?
Nope, not so much.  Just the 5 messages that I put there.  Well, maybe they are crafty spammers and take the time to ONLY delete their messages, right after they remove them from the sent box.
Or maybe…..just maybe….they simple faked my email address that they obtained through some other website where it was used?  I mean do you guys even understand this concept?  Not like you could Google how to do something like that huh?( and then find resources like this:
But hey, feel free to try to blame the person on the end without putting the least bit of thought into it.

Korea & SPAM!

When I was younger and my parents weren’t making much money, SPAM was a common meat for our sandwiches because it was cheap.  SPAM was also what many soldiers ate because it was a cheap form of meat to feed them.  Korea has glorified SPAM.  That is probably the weirdest thing you have read today I bet and yet, it is true.


This is a display because the Korean Lunar New Year is coming up and these are gift sets.  Yes, you read that right.  SPAM gift sets.  A truly bizarre sight for me at least and I doubt I’ll ever not be weirded out by this.

It is even to the point where one city, Uijeongbu, has an area of restaurants dedicated to ‘spam soup’, Budijigae (romanized) it’s called.  Never tried it, never will.