Mushroom Ink

I was visiting a neighbour and then I noticed something in the grass and got a little excited to see it, weirdly enough.

These are called Shaggy Inkcaps and they are actually edible.

I went with Nixy to another trail area nearby to see what we can see. Not all that much but there were some things.

None of these were easily identifiable and the last pic seems to be more mycellium than mushroom.

Just so we are clear, a ‘mushroom’ is merely the fruiting body of the fungus. Think of them as the apples of the tree. The ‘fungus’ or properly known as mycellium, is what the mushroom grows from. So when you see a mushroom, you are literally seeing the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’.

It was getting foggier the longer we were there.

On the way back, what do we find? More Shaggy Inkcaps! That’s when I decided I’m going to collect these and do something with them.

I got back home, then immedieately went over to the neighbours and harvested those ones. These pics courtsey of Nixy.

According to Forager Chef, the ‘ink’ is entirely edible and can be used as a sauce. I also found a How to make Ink on Instructables as well. This is for making typical ink for writing. Nixy is making a journal for mushrooms, I think it would be entirely appropriate to make a quill ink and write out the journal on mushrooms with mushroom ink :D

So now I’m letting them ‘ripe'(The technical term is called Deliquescence). We’ll see how this goes over the next 3-5 days. Will update everyone.

As for that Lectarius Indigo, I have to learn how to get the ‘ink’ from it and see what to do with it.

Signs of my Travel, 3/4

And the hits just keep on coming! Remember, No Overeat!

Signs of my Travel, 2/4

There are times where if you don’t take a pic, no one will believe you. There are even people who make up stories just to feel good about themselves. Sadly, there are a LOT of those types. From my experiences, I never need to make up anything. In fact, I feel if I made it up stuff, it would be less believable than the real thing. So, here are real signs I found while roaming the world.

Signs of my Travel, 1/4

Of all the things I see, it’s the signs that tend to be most amusing. Notably because of a language mishap, but sometimes just because they seem to….well, ridiculous and would never be used in North America. Other times it just something that can be taken wya out of contect. In either way, it’s amusing and interesting to see. So, here are some of those signs. Because I took a lot of pics, I won’t put them all into one post. Unless otherwise noted, all pics were taken by myself.

Click on first pic to open an album viewer.

The real thing about Mushrooms…

I’ve been doing a bit of casual studying about mushrooms and it’s rather a bit fascinating. (No, not those kind…..well, not entirely…). For starters, did you know they are neither animal nor vegetable? They are their own kingdom of species. That fact alone should perk up ears.

There are also over 14,000 different types too! Since learning about some of this info, I’m not paying attention, if not specifically go for, on walks out in the woods. I did a could this week and took a bunch of pics. It’s actually quite surprising how many different types ne can find without looking too hard.

Click on the first pic to view in Gallery Mode.

These ones are from Lions Valley Park in Oakville, Ontario.

I was utterly surprised at the Salamanders. First time finding those in the wild!

These ones are from Eramosa Karst Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

Getting Out: The result

A visitor

While the ‘mini-vacation’ was super nice, got to chill by a fire, took some nice pics/vids and slept reasonably ok, it was only marred by some BS via a text conversation. Lesson: no texting with those who have a hard time grasping concepts.

The overall experience was worth it and relaxing and I got to do some cool star-gazing as it was a very clear night. The moon, while not ful, gave off more than enough light to just walk by. My anti-gravity chair, when fully reclined, gives me a perfect view of the sky. I accidentally got an added bonus when I had the ‘leg’ part aimed towards the fire and thus it captured the heat radiating from the fire. I had a blanket around my legs and a winter jacket on. While the temps was only around 13C, I was quite comfortable staring at the stars.

Rondeau Provincial Park was nice. It was also busy, so not as quiet as I like but wasn’t terrible. Everyone getting in the last of the ‘good days’ before it gets too cold.

The Dragon within Fafnir, my Volvo 2016 XC90 Inscription