Random Creative Ideas

Occasionally I get these ideas for things. I previous had a separate blog for my creative inspirations but since integrated it here. So enjoy.

This would be a scene used in a cheesy comedy.


A man walks in the room to talk with another man sitting in a chair. The man sitting in the chair is hooked up to an IV drip. The Drip is coffee.

“We gotta go! How much longer?” The first man asks.

The man sitting in the chair takes a deep breath in. The coffee level in the drip drains at an amazing rate. When it’s at zero, the man has a full breath, he says “I’m good, lets go.”


I hope enjoyed the micro-story :)

Now here’s an interesting plot idea for a Ghost Story.

A man walk around the world, doing everyday things but the only difference is, nealry half the people he sees are actually ghosts. Think The Sixth Sense but from the opposite point of view and a bit more ‘normal’ seeming…..till its not :)