Booze, BBQ, and Boardgames

That pretty much sums up my weekend :D

I rented a cabin with a buddy of mine and we just GTFO’d for the weekend. We both needed time away from all the crap in our world. We had next to zero celluar connections, which was fine. It was nice to disconnect from literally everything. Here are some pics that I took.

You’ll find an image of some cans of lager from a local brewer. That was a gift from the AirBnB cabin owners. When we got there, upon checking the BBQ, it was clear it hadn’t been used in well over a month as there was a lot of mold on the grill and grill brush. That was dissapointed. I informed the owners and they said they had planned on bringin over another BBQ, which they did. Then gave us this six-pack. That was super nice of them andmuch aprpecieated. Sadly, I don’t like beer so I just gave it to my buddy.

Otherwise, the cabin did it’s job. Provided a reasonably appointed shelter and a nice table to setup games on. We went for a walk on Saturday. Now, as we were right beside Lake Erie, we technically had not legal way of getting to the lakeshore as it was all private property. Except there was a ‘fence’ around this one odd little area that really didn’t keep anyone out. So we just walked to the shore and had a look around. Seems a silly thing to clock people from a lake and especially when there was no cabin setup on that ‘path’. Found some mushrooms too. go figure :)

The two card games pictured ehre is Game of Thrones and Settlers of Catan. The bacon and burgers were from Cumbrae’s in Dundas.

Malayasia: Penang Island

Malayasia: Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The video is still uploading as of this time of writing.  Give it a few more minutes to process :)

This is a video of my new KL buddy:

And here we have a local disturbance in progress.

Oh, don’t mind these.  Just a couple of peacocks passing by.

(link coming soon)