Malayasia: Penang Island

Malayasia: Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The video is still uploading as of this time of writing.  Give it a few more minutes to process :)

This is a video of my new KL buddy:

And here we have a local disturbance in progress.

Oh, don’t mind these.  Just a couple of peacocks passing by.

(link coming soon)

Still can’t get home yet….sigh

Three plan was to get a bus from the support to the bus terminal we needed to get a bus to our city.  Did that, after some issues.  So now now the last two busses home are sold out!  As well as the first 4 busses inn the morning too!  What the hell is happening down South that is making this happen??  Samcheonpo is a stupid little fishing village and its the middle of the well!

Now we got to find another hotel.  The Agoda app is certainly getting its workout!!