Stupid, stupid, stupid…

OK, so the fast train in Korea is the KTX. They offer free Wi-Fi with the kicker that you have top watch a commercial after every 30mb of data use. That’s me, last time it was a flay rate 200mb limit. This is kinda better, would be easy enough to ignore commercials. Fine, you have to download their app to the Wi-Fi. So I click on the link and see the following:


Ummmm, what?!

Well this ain’t fun…

I bought a used laptop a few days before I left Korea and came to the UK. It seemed just fine but a few days ago it crashed. Sigh,  not then end of the world for a techie like me.  I did a few things,  and after a couple of hours of repair,  the HD was running again.

Today I woke up to that wonderful BSOD again. Ok,  let’s try that repair again. . I knew the drive needed to be replaced but I only got 2 weeks and a bit left here,  was hoping it would last.  So,  I try to go into safe mode….. that fails!  Great, the stupid odds that a sector of the drive is bad right where the important files are.

So,  after a few more reboots,  attempts to find some other tools,  I finally got the HD checkdisk to run.  Gonna be a few more hours before it’s finished…. sigh.  Time to check out HD prices locally. :( I seem to have the time now :/

You know,  I had next to nothing for work to do last month…. this month,  got a fair bit.  Figures huh?