LinkedIn Degredation

Posted to my LInkedIn feed:

So apparently LinkedIn does not know its own rules or simply doesn’t understand the concept of #spamming . One of the groups I’m in is a Volvo group. So if someone posts a message there when they are not “Keep content professionally relevant and on topic.”, that is their definition of spam. So I reported a bunch of posts and got told it didn’t go against their policies. Yet their polices state a post must stay on topic. When you post a resume or a blatant ad for a non-Volvo related company, that is the very definition of Spam.

“Our Trust & Safety Team reviewed your report thoroughly and found this post did not go against our Professional Community Policies.”

I’ve been hearing that LinkedIN has been going downhill for awhile…..this seems confirmation of that very notion. #fail

Stupid, stupid, stupid…

OK, so the fast train in Korea is the KTX. They offer free Wi-Fi with the kicker that you have top watch a commercial after every 30mb of data use. That’s me, last time it was a flay rate 200mb limit. This is kinda better, would be easy enough to ignore commercials. Fine, you have to download their app to the Wi-Fi. So I click on the link and see the following:


Ummmm, what?!

Well this ain’t fun…

I bought a used laptop a few days before I left Korea and came to the UK. It seemed just fine but a few days ago it crashed. Sigh,  not then end of the world for a techie like me.  I did a few things,  and after a couple of hours of repair,  the HD was running again.

Today I woke up to that wonderful BSOD again. Ok,  let’s try that repair again. . I knew the drive needed to be replaced but I only got 2 weeks and a bit left here,  was hoping it would last.  So,  I try to go into safe mode….. that fails!  Great, the stupid odds that a sector of the drive is bad right where the important files are.

So,  after a few more reboots,  attempts to find some other tools,  I finally got the HD checkdisk to run.  Gonna be a few more hours before it’s finished…. sigh.  Time to check out HD prices locally. :( I seem to have the time now :/

You know,  I had next to nothing for work to do last month…. this month,  got a fair bit.  Figures huh?