Wow, Asian Dust

There is a phenomena called Asian Dust(or Yellow Dust) where fine participate sand from China’s dessert is carried over and deposited in other countries.  It can be quite nasty at times and explains why I’ve had this annoying dry-cough for a couple of weeks now.


This is the bench where I normally sit at my thinking spot.  I’ve wiped off an area to sit because the all the surfaces were coated like this.  There is some serious concern about China’s pollution being carried over this way too.  I’m just glad that the winds go toward Japan and not from it!  Not sure if I’d be happy with all their radiation problems, let alone the ones they aren’t telling us about.

I really it am doing my best to enjoy this weather.  Gonna miss it when the hot season hits!

Trip to Canada confirmed

Ok, so I’ll be flying home for 2 weeks in January from the 14th to the 28th.

Sorry things have been quiet, ‘stuff’ has been going on :)  We are moving as my wife has a new contract starting in March.  So it’s packing all kinds of things.  I still have my Makerspace to finish packing things up and ship back down this way.  This weekend should finish that all up.  Then there is packing our place here, take a trip home and come back to make sure everything is packed for the move.  Still don’t know how we are gong to actually move just yet but that will get sorted out in Feb.  No big deal really.

Not terribly looking forward to seeing all the snow back home given that our temps here are hitting high-single digits this week and not a flake of snow.  Warmest, Christmas, Ever.  Love it!

Keeping warm thoughts in my head

As the weather gets colder, I tend to want to stay warmer.  That might sound obvious but there are those who like the cold.  Personally I think they might have some sort of disorder :)  Others say “But aren’t you Canadian?”.  That’s when I show them THIS video and ask them if they have ever had to shovel 150ft of sidewalk in a casual snowfall, let alone borrowing a snow-blower for stormy days.

But I keep this type of weather and area in my mind.

This post as the least amount about #Korea in it

Don’t feel like writing anything terribly indepth today.  Too rainy out, and if you’ll pardon the pun, kinda dampens my spirit.  Besides, I wrote up a big post on my techie blog,The Cosmopolitan Geek.  Feel free to read that if you’ve ever been frustrated by poorly written instructions and feel like sympathizing.

Oh, I did have some nice spicy chicken today from a new place.  Would get it again.


Random post – Feb

I like to take pictures of things I see here.  Easy to do with the plethora of technology available to everyone.  And since no one picture is an entire post to itself, allow me to share this month’s group of pics.

First, winter sucks.

Moped in snow

It doesn’t master where you are in the world, of you get snowed in, it is a bad day. After hearing how bad North America just got hit recently, I don’t feel so bad being here.  Still, -20 weather (even for a day or two) sucks.

What happens when you move and there doesn’t seem to be a mail forwarding system here?

Stuffed Box

Korea has one of the best and cheapest mailing systems I have ever experienced.  It is simply ridiculously cheap and fast to mail things around this country.  Heck, I’m not sure how they do it but even sending from here back to Canada is pretty damn quick.  Still, there are times where someone moves out, or maybe just plainly ignores his mailbox, and you get the above picture as a result.  I wonder what happens when you simply can’t physically fit any more into that little box?


Minimalist by nature

Korea has pushed real hard for their people to be conservative. Even to the point of suffering at times. Some of it on purpose, some of it by design. Lets take something as simple as a bathroom.

From Random Korea 2012

This is a typical apartment bathroom is a single n bachelor placed, this is the bathroom from our first place actually.  There is no tub, there is no dividing wall/glass doors. Everything just gets wet.  Trying to keep a place dry is a task that is daunting.  A friend once asked us how we keep our bathroom so dry.  I told her we keep the bathroom fan running nearly all day and the door mostly closed. It’s the only way to generate any airflow to draw out the moist air.

See, there is no central heating.  There is only floor heating.  It does an admiral job but all that humid summer air just sits around.  You have to buy a fan to move air throughout the place and even then, there will be done dead spots that will start growing mold.

How do Koreans deal with it?  By opening up windows.  In the middle of summer or winter.  It is insanity at its best when your conservative nature goes so far that you open classroom windows in the dead of winter or during the hottest and most humid part of summer.

I won’t even go into details how all the young girls wear skirts and don’t zip up their coats then complain that its cold during winter.  Fashion sense ranks higher than common sense it seems.