My super power sucks

I can tell when it’s going to rain. Yup, that’s my super power.

How doe sit wori? You obviously ask. I get headaches, usually. When the barometer changes. Now, it can change slowly or quickly, and that generally determines the strength of my headache, and thus my super power manifests and I can confidently say “It’s going to rain” without the need to look at a weather app.

But wait….there’s more.

See, if that’s all it was, I’d be fine with it as any anti-inflamatory (Advil, Ibuprofen) works well enough to manage any level of pain, but there’s more. See, such super powers include many different types of side-affects. Such as ‘big head’ syndrome. Yeah, I don’t know the proper name for it but if you’ve even been drunk, your head feels 5 times bigger than it is….except you’re thinking perfect fine, just kinda in a mental bubble. That’s probably the ‘best’ one to have as all one has to do is sit down and wait.

Then there is simply being tired. I mean, like suddenly and drastically tired. That was today.

See that drop. That’s the culprint right there. I was sitting at my table and suddenly I was ridiculously tired.

Maybe you’re thinking I just didn’t get enough sleep. Ha! By this point of the day, I’ve already had a Monster Energy Drink, a venti Apple Crisp Machiatio from Starbucks and a regular coffee. I should have been flying for 12hrs straight. Nope, I had to lay down and crash for about 1.5hrs. THEN I woke up to a mild headache, which is still here, 6.5hrs later.

So yes, my super power sucks. I’m soooo glad I’m going to a cabin with a buddy for the weekend to GTFO.

Storm Chasing

So I do some storm chasing with my friend Nixy. It’s interesting, while no where near as obsessed as Nixy, it’s nice to get out and drive….even if it means running into a Tornado or something :D

Here are a number of pics I took from our last little adventure on 26/8/2021. The cloud shapes were amazing, caught a double-rainbow and potentially a hail-core (that ‘column in one pic).