Being creative: LED lights

One day I decided I wanted my bathroom just a wee bit fancier. So I bought a glass jar, some AA battery powered scring of lights and put them on a shelf. They looked great and I felt just a slight bit of ‘ooooh’ because I had done some decorating. That lasted 3 days before the batteries died to a rather dismal level.

Now I have to come up with a better solution. And thus I did. I cut the wire running to the little battery box, picked up a dollar sore USB cable, cut that, and soldered the two together. Then I took a cheapie dollar-store USB rechargeable battery pack and plugged it in. Voila! Rechargeable batteries at a significantly lower cast than rechargable AA. Yes I used hot glue to encase the soldered wires. No one is going to see it and it’s going to protect it better than tape or even heat shrink in such a moist environment..

Mushroom Ink, the experiment

Having let the Shaggy Inkcaps delequesce for a few days, I felt that the ‘black goo’ looked good enough to soak some material in.

It smells worse than it looks really. The material are a pair of old ‘seatbelt shoulder pads’. The goal is to dye them as black as possible, then sew on some light-coloured leather, possible having them laser-scored with custom writing after. Since my Volvo is black and tan coloured, trying to make the same for the shoulder pads.

I’m prety sure the material is synthetic, so it might night dye too black, I suspect it’ll at least be a darker grey. The biggest part will be making sure the smell doesn’t stick around! You are sooooo lucky that they have not yet invented ‘scratch and sniff’ webbrowsing!

Story idea, good/evil

Most movies usually take place in one time setting.  There will be something in the end of the movie that has some sort of effect on the future but it is left to our imagination.  What if a movie script/story was written  where it was broken up into  multiple sections which advanced the time line.  For simplicity’s sake, here is an example of a 2 hr movie idea.

Good vs Evil.

Part one, 30mins: 4 parts Evil but something at the end happens which foreshadows a change in the future(good)
Part two. 30mins, 100 years later: 3 parts Evil, 1 part good
Part three, 200 years later: 1 part Evil, 3 parts good
Part four, 500 years later: 4 parts good but something at the end happens which foreshadows a change in the future(evil)

In this scenario, Good/Evil are merely concepts that can be expressed in any given way.  My idea is to show what happens after a typical movie is done where it only hints at a future change.  Think of Mad Max.  What happened after the end of the movie?  How does the world change?   Does it get better or worse?  I would like to see a broader perspective shown in this concept.  Not like Star Wars where all of it happens in a relatively (Darth Vader’s life) short time span.

I don’t know of any other movie/story that has done anything like that.

Creative artwork and light

This is really creative!



Diet Wiegman is a Dutch artist that uses a combination of sculpture and light to create fascinating shadow art projected onto walls. Born in 1944, he began experimenting with light sculptures in the 1980s, inspiring a generation of artists after him to also explore the art style (e.g., Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Kumi Yamashita).

For more artwork by Wiegman, be sure to check out his official site at where you will find all of his light sculptures as well as drawings, paintings, photographs, ceramics and more.

[Alafoto via TruthSeerum]





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman





Artwork by Diet Wiegman

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Aspects of Life

We stand in the light
We smile and shine
We look around and see friends
And…we have time

Live, Love and Laugh
All a part of Life
The things we do and enjoy
But then comes also strife

Life is anything but fair
We play this game
And when its run the course
We are no longer the same

Older, wiser they say
Mature, experienced say others
Yet what could possibly compare
To the lost of a mother

Rest ye all in peace
Better things are in store
Think ye hard on all Aspects of Life
Go home, reflect and learn even more

May we all meet in a better Life Grandma.

Sidney Alexander


*I wrote this poem the morning of my Grandmothers funeral and read it there to everyone.

The old days

In the old days
The cars were fast
And you could kick ash-phalt

In the old days
Parents like mine
Actually had a bed time

In the old days
Life was simple
And only nerds had a pimple

In the old days
Families would gather on Sundays and eat
For the kids, it was the weekend treat

In the old days
It wad good clean fun
And hurt was brought to none

I wish I had lived
In the old days

Sidney Alexander