Signs of my Travel, 1/4

Of all the things I see, it’s the signs that tend to be most amusing. Notably because of a language mishap, but sometimes just because they seem to….well, ridiculous and would never be used in North America. Other times it just something that can be taken wya out of contect. In either way, it’s amusing and interesting to see. So, here are some of those signs. Because I took a lot of pics, I won’t put them all into one post. Unless otherwise noted, all pics were taken by myself.

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The real thing about Mushrooms…

I’ve been doing a bit of casual studying about mushrooms and it’s rather a bit fascinating. (No, not those kind…..well, not entirely…). For starters, did you know they are neither animal nor vegetable? They are their own kingdom of species. That fact alone should perk up ears.

There are also over 14,000 different types too! Since learning about some of this info, I’m not paying attention, if not specifically go for, on walks out in the woods. I did a could this week and took a bunch of pics. It’s actually quite surprising how many different types ne can find without looking too hard.

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These ones are from Lions Valley Park in Oakville, Ontario.

I was utterly surprised at the Salamanders. First time finding those in the wild!

These ones are from Eramosa Karst Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

What do I watch on YouTube?

Not ads! Seriously, you’ll want to grab the Brave Browser. Its based on the Chromium Open Source Browser(You read that right, Google Chrome is also based on the same software). It’s a privacy-focused browser that blocks all kinds of things by default. This means no annoying ads on YouTube!

Soooo, anyways, back to YouTube.

I think if I did see any ads, it would likely be confused. :D