Sometimes I wonder how people find my blog

…and sometimes I shouldn’t look because of what you might find.  Actually, it’s pretty funny.



I’ve been nominated for an award!

Woo Hoo right?

Mostly :)  This type of award is one of those where you actually give more than you get.  Which is not a bad thing really and since I love the community here any ways ;)  So let’s get on with the rules for this award.


Rules for accepting the award:

1.  Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you.

2.  List 11 random facts about yourself.

3.  Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.

4.  Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 bloggers you feel deserved to be noticed.

5.  Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6.  Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

7.  Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.

Ok, onto my duties for this nomination.

1/ I would like to thank Pigtailed Bandit (who, sadly, doesn’t have an pigtails in her pic) for the nomination.  I’d seen some other awards floating around but never paid too much attention to them.  I just wanted to write stuff :)

2/ 11 Random facts eh?  Ok, you asked for it.

  1. No one ever guesses my real age.  I look way younger than I am.
  2. I sold my house, two cars and donated my cat (by far the hardest thing to get rid of) to my brother to move to South Korea
  3. I’m the biggest geek you’ll ever meet.  Sadly, my finances don’t match my geek-level which my wife is ever-so-happy for.
  4. Profit!  (Those who know where this is from will get it)
  5. My first was a 1974 Dodge Charger. (Completely unrelated to #1…and no, I did NOT buy one brand new for 1974)
  6. As an extension for #4, I love old cars, specifically Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler.  I have owned a 74 Charger, a 72 Dart, a 78 & 80 Volare
  7. The first cat my family owned, that I recall, was named Sam.  One day I went outside to call the cat in and the Mailman answered.  He was the coolest mailman I ever knew.
  8. I have one younger brother
  9. I have a great-uncle buried in a Japanese grave that none of my family has ever seen. (It’s on my list to visit since I am so close).
  10. I am proud of the fact that I have lived the true essence of Halloween by making kids cry because of my costume.
  11. I have been ‘blogging’ longer than the term has been around.  Sadly, I was doing it all wrong so not so famous as many others :)

3/ The next rule is for me to ask 11 random questions of those I have nominated for this award.

  1. What is the one thing that you love the most about yourself?
    – My creativity.  Given the opportunity, I’d never stop making, building, writing, thinking about all kinds of things
  2. When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?
    – This animated gif of a Llama.  I still chuckle pretty good when I see it and it’s been months.
  3. What do you appreciate most about your life?
    – The opportunity to be living in South Korea
  4. What is that one thing that would be a deal-breaker in any relationship for you?
    – Lies
  5. Do you have any pet peeves?
    – People who listen and take Mass Media at their word. (See for example)
  6. Do you have any regrets in life?
    – Nope.  Regrets are for those who refuse to accept who they are and move forward in life.
  7. Have you ever been in love?
    – Many times.
  8. What is your favorite movie?
    The Matrix series.
  9. What are the 5 most important things to you in your life?
    – The Internet, Open Source Software movement, freedom of belief, mountains, The internet…did I say that already?  :)
  10. What would you liked to have accomplished by the end of your life to feel you have been succesful?
    – To have made an impact on a significant group of people.  Ideally a technological solution that is revolutionary, that would be cool.
  11. What made you decide to begin your blog?
    – I originally started blogging my Korean experiences (among other interests) on my domain but was getting no results.  Moved to and have never looked back.  Now debating on what to do with the first domain name I ever bought :)

4/ Nominate 11 other bloggers. These are in no particular order.

  1. Harsh Reality –
  2. Ajaytao 2010
  3. La Boina Roja –
  4. Get On My Plate –
  5. A Dissolute Life Means… – (NSFW blog!)
  6. The Bloggess –
  7. Puff Chrissy –
  8. Chatty Owl –
  9. Bastet and Sekhmet –
  10. Filed and Fooled –  (NSFW blog!)
  11. Dear JJ –

5/  11 Questions for my nominees.  I really did like the ones I got, so I’m going to repeat them.

  1. What is the one thing that you love the most about yourself?
  2. When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?
  3. What do you appreciate most about your life?
  4. What is that one thing that would be a deal-breaker in any relationship for you?
  5. Do you have any pet peeves?
  6. Do you have any regrets in life?
  7. Have you ever been in love?
  8. What is your favorite movie? 
  9. What are the 5 most important things to you in your life?


  10. What would you liked to have accomplished by the end of your life to feel you have been successful?


  11. What made you decide to begin your blog?

6/  That will take some time but consider it done by the time you read this :)

7/ “Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.”  Umm….does this mean everyone who gets nominated get this award??  Kinda fuzzy on this rule.

There you have it.  Now, to spend the next 30 mins posting this to those other 11 blogs…..

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I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award!


I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award and would graciously like to thank mishunderstood for the nomination.

You can find her blog which illustrates her insights and travels with added personal photography at

So, as a result of this nomination there are some rules I must follow. I imagine as a result of this nomination my “following” will increase significantly, people will see the absolute and undeniable genius in all that I bolg about and I will become a blogger who is paid to blog. I will then become a moody writer who blogs all day long in beautiful, envy worthy sweaters and leggings. My hair will be perfectly messy so as if to say that I don’t care but is outrageousley sexy at the same time. I will sip on coffee that is continually steaming while looking out of my shuttered windowed house that is next to a twinkling lake with a dock. Every evening I’ll hear my husband’s Z06 roar up into our crunching gravel driveway and as the sun is setting and we will eat our dinner on our deck out back…..

So, I suppose I should get started on following this set of rules then shouldn’t I?

Rule number 1 is to list eleven random facts about myself. Hmmmm. This sounds simple enough but I don’t want to bore you so they can’t be too random now can they. Let’s see.

1. I love smoked salmon but only when eaten outside. It tastes funny to me when eaten indoors.

2. I was raised Baptist Christian but rejected religion as a whole when I clinically died for 3.5 minutes and had an afterlife experience.

3. My favorite color is purple. But it is only a certain shade of purple. But I don’t think I have ever shown anyone which shade it actually is.

4. My favorite flower is a stargazer lily. The ones with purple inside. Predictable isn’t it?

5. I believe if we could instill a stronger sense of empathy for ALL people in ALL people most of the problems with humanity would cease to exist.

6. The most free I have ever felt was when I was dead. The closest way for me to simulate that feeling is to make myself feel like the wind. Sometimes when the breeze blows the trees hard and the leeves are rustling, I close my eyes and concentrate, and I feel as if my soul is so close to being taken back to…whatever plane of existence it was that I experienced while I was dead. But the best way is to ride a crotch rocket and fly down the road at very high speeds. I feel more alive as I merge with the wind and the bike flying down the road than I do at any other moment. To me, that is happiness. That is passion. That is worth living for. That is worth dying for. That is beauty.

8. I also LOVE racing in sexy, fast cars. When men say things like “Oh, you wouldn’t understand. It’s a man thing.” I think they highly underestimate me and how much I DO understand. I fall in love everytime I ride in one. I have been blessed to own a couple and hope to one day own more. I don’t do it to show off for other people or to present an image of wealth to others, because honestly having money is one of the last things on my priority list. Below that is making an image out of having money. In fact, that wouldn’t even make my list as I find it kind of disturbing and offputting. I do it because of the way I feel while inside one. I do it for the same reason as the bike. It’s a passion.

9. Most of humanity disgusts me but in a one on one situation with a person I can understand and identify with almost anyone, from anywhere, from any life path. There are only a very few things that I don’t have compassion for. And in those cases, instead of empathy for their life choices I have hate. Instead of wondering how I could help them I think of things like hand guns and torture devices.

10. I believe that people can love many different people in many different ways and one does not take away from the other. I think we are taught that we are meant to only love one partner and that there is only one kind of love that is real. Anything that differs from this is wrong. I disagree. I believe this causes many problems within our society.

11. I cannot comprehend how one person can look at another and not see part of themselves within the other person and have a desire for that person to experience the same rights and quality of life as they have. I do not understand how people do not want everyone in this world to experience equality and see us as a whole unit of a human race and species instead of sub categories of one being less than the other based on tiny, insignificant things such as gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, economic status, etc. It truly shows a complete lack of intelligence within our species to me.

7. Sometimes I like to just check and see if people are paying attention. I missed seven so here it is. :) Related matter…I use my facebook page to conduct weird and completely useless, personal social experiments on what people respond to by what I post just for fun. Does this make me pathetic?

Next rule is to answer my nominator’s questions. So here I go:

1. My favorite dessert is wedding baklava. It is free and delicious.

2. When I look into my child’s eye’s I see innocence, myself, their father, rebirth, a fear I will fail them reflecting back at me, a love stronger than existence, spunk, a fresh light coming from within, intensity, and a knowledge that in some ways they can manipulate me more than I know.

3. I think my purpose in this life is to learn the lessons that are brought to me consistently until I find new outcomes. I think it is for me to evolve from what I was into what I will be. And I think it is to give and put out as much good to others as possible in the short time I have here. Not because I believe there will be consequences here on Earth or after I die but just because that is who I want to be now, in this moment.

4. I like almost every kind of music except for country and jazz. I love any music that can take me away from where I am physically, draw me into a place emotionally and hold me captive. Now that, is great music. If it can make me dance on top of it, perfection.

5.If I had the chance to meet anyone famous or not, I would go meet my family in Europe and bring my family that is here in the States so that they could be reunited with them. My family here were war refugees and have been separated from the rest of their family in Europe ever since immigrating to the United States. It would fill my heart with joy to see everyone reunited and together again. 

6. My idea of a vacation is anything that includes traveling to a place I want to go to, where I can spend time with family and friends, and relax and enjoy myself. As well as have a new experience or two along the way.

7.The question is to name 3 things that give me joy:

A. Large bodies of water

B. Family

C. Tattoos

8. I daydream about living a life outside of this American culture full of fear, religion, judgement, and this “fast-paced work work work so you can be happy” focus. I daydream about living in a slow paced, small town, maybe owning my own bakery, knowing my neighbors, living in an actual community where you know your neighbors and my kids can play on the streets with their friends. Where we BBQ on the weekends and the men talk about their cars and women out front. And we play on the lake and go out on our boats and shoot off fireworks for birthday parties, while families are snuggled under blankets on big lawns and horses graze on the grasses in the fields next to us. Where honesty is the norm and not the outcast of society. Where love and marriage is looked upon as something that can happen between anyone and is normal between same sex, different races, different ethnicities, and multiple people, or whatever suites the individual people. It doesn’t matter and people just love and accept others for who they are. A place where everyone comes together as family and helps each other out. No one tries to control anyone else. They realize they can only control their own behavior and they enjoy being themselves and loving others. This is my daydream.

9. I am proud of being a self defined phoenix. The definition of a phoenix is  a mythical bird of great beauty fabled to live 500 or 600 years in the Arabian wilderness, to burn itself on a funeral pyre, and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism or hope. Or a second definition is a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation.

10. I am afraid of cockroaches. Which is not that bad of a fear. Until I add the end of the fear. I am afraid of cockroaches because I am terrified they are going to crawl into me, lay eggs and then they will crawl out of me by the hundreds. I know this is wildly crazy. And yet I see one and I am immediately terrified this will happen. lol

11. If I were captain of a ship I would call it Subdina which translated into English means Destiny.

Alright now I am going to nominate 11 bloggers that have caught my eye as people who should be noticed for this award.

1. Has an awesome lyrical rhythmical rhyme style! It’ll draw you in immediately!

2. Great idea and some great topics they have for having just started discusing.

3. Follow her travels on her bucket list!

4. Love her poems

5. When you need something more light-hearted and a laugh or two

6. A point of view from Korea…

7. If you are searching for who you are, join along

8. Variety of posts on thoughts he has that are interesting insights

9. Art by Mark Moore

10. I find his posts amusing and relatable

11. Urban wall art that is pretty fantastic

The next rule is for me to ask 11 random questions of those I have nominated for this award.

1. What is the one thing that you love the most about yourself?

2. When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?

3. What do you appreciate most about your life?

4.What is that one thing that would be a deal-breaker in any relationship for you?

5. Do you have any pet peeves?

6.Do you have any regrets in life?

7.Have you ever been in love?

8.What is your favorite movie?

9. What are the 5 most important things to you in your life?

10. What would you liked to have accomplished by the end of your life to feel you have been succesful?

11. What made you decide to begin your blog?


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