Blog or Journal….hmmmm

So over a year ago my friend Nixy got me into Journalling. Technically, I technically started two years ago it seems(just check). I tried using Day One app. It worked well enough. Nice to have some social media integration so that things I posted to Instagram would automatically get posted into it. Same for twitter. It worked well enough for what I was doing.

Then I started to want to hand-write things done. The app does not do hand writing. OK, cool, just means I get to buy a few cool books. I did just that and things were going fine. Then I realized I should have different journals for different topics. This was a nice way to organize my thoughts.

Then the next limitation hit…..what if I was out somewhere and wanted to write in a journal that I didn’t bring with me. Well now that’s a problem as I don’t want to always carry 5 different journals everywhere I went.

In comes GoodNotes app. This didn’t have any social media integration, which I was fine with, but it did allow me to create multiple journals for each topic I wanted to keep separately.

Next, hand writing. Ok, so I use an 11” iPad Pro. It’s been running like a champ for the last two years without a single hitch. Now I need a stylus. Nixy recommends an Adonis Pixel stylus ( A bit cheaper than the Apple Pencil and has a few more features(like pressure sensitive and multi-function buttons). Sure, I’ll give it a shot and ordered one.

The Pixel wrote just fine. Especially better than any of those ‘rubber-tip’ stylus that are on the ends of pens and such. The one issue I ran into, and kinda one of the reasons I got it, was that the latest version of GoodNotes did NOT support the Pixel’s buttons. How irritating. Really the biggest reason I wanted it was to have a nice convenient ‘undo’ click instead of lifting my arm up each time to click on the ‘undo arrow’ at the top of the app each time I made a typo, and I do a good amount of those when hand writing :D.

Sigh. Fine, it’s still a decent stylus so I’ll work with it.

One day I couldn’t find it. I mean, it mostly fit in this UAG iPad Case that I have, although the spot was designed for the Apple Pencil, the Pixel is notably thicket but with the magnetic flap, seemed to hold just fine. Well of course I lost it one day and didn’t find it again till about 4 days later…..laying on the ground beside my car…..after the snow had melted. :/

Amazingly, it worked just fine. No rust, no odd behaviours… just, worked. That’s impressive.

Then a few weeks ago it just…’fell apart’. I mean like literally. Because I wanted to keep it safe, I kept it in my pants pocket. So that it wouldn’t;’t get dinged or majorly scratch from sitting anywhere else. I pulled it out of my pocket one day and it kinda ‘pulled apart’. There was no stress, no banging, no ‘caught on something’. It was weird. Well I didn’t have it a year yet so I contacted Adonit and they said they would replace it. I mailed it back to them, they mailed me a new one and even reimbursed my mailing fee! Now THAT is customer service!

Oh hey….look at that. I’m way off from the point I wanted to make when I started this post. Heh, go figure.

I found myself wondering what the difference is between blogging and Journalling was for me. They are nearly the same really. The only real difference is that I keep some of my inner-most thoughts to myself. Some things the world doesn’t really need to know. Now that does raise a bit of a conundrum. Do I have enough energy for both blogging AND Journalling? Do I have enough time?

I feel that blogging is a bit of a release in of itself but I do need to make time for the deepest inner-work I know I have to do. While I’ve been on a bit of a streak for posting every day (WordPress tells me so!), I’ll have to see what Journalling I’ll end up doing. My last entry in the journal was late August and really wasn’t something that needed to be private. So now WordPress can be considered my ‘public journal’.

Now when should I schedule this post…..don’t need 3 posts in one day ;)

Blog Management

Well, this is fun. It’s a fair bit of work to get this digital asset in order. Especially after mashing 5 blogs into one. I’m now paring down the various categories. Still got 135 ‘Uncategorized’ posts to move into a category and maybe add tags.

As I go along, I’m also finding some of the blog posts that hadn’t survived WP’s upgrade in their backend. Most are related to things I linked from offsite/other blogs. If I can find them again, I’ll update the empty posts, if not, I’ll just delete them. And by all means, if you find one, feel free to let me know.

For the most part, the general posts will just go under the “Stuff” category, cause why not?

40 posts managed, I’ll keep slogging away here.

Stuff Found

And the amalgamation continues. My former Blog “Stuff Found” is being imported into here. IT was just for literally just random stuff I found online. Some interesting, some entertaining, some creepy…..just….stuff. It’ll be sprinkled within this blog, no specific tags. Although it had a number of ‘issues’ as most of the posts were from the 2013/14 era and WordPress didn’t exactly convert them all perfectly. Had to go through a number of ‘untitled’ posts and either give them a title or delete them.

In either case, enjoy the added content here :)