SCORE! One last point.

Ok, so today is my last day in Seoul and without fail, xenophobia raised its head over last time.

I am sitting on the bus back to my city and it happened. But first io needed to explain a few things.

These ‘Intercity’ buses are awesome. There are only 3 seats to a row. Two on one side, one an another.  They are comfy, spacious and not only do the recline, the leg test pops out too!


Look at all that knee room!

There is a good amount of space between my seat and the seat beside me, and that’s saying something for a guy my size. The Koreans must feel kinda dwarfed by theses seats.

That being said, when you but your rocket, you get a seat number. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Koreans NOT sit on their assigned seat only to have the property owner of the seat tell them that it isn’t their seat. 

So today I see a got her on and by his looks/actions he bypasses his seat beside me and sits further back. 5 mins later he’s kicked out and forced to suit on his designated seat.  I still count this as a score as toss bus is usually well populated.  So there he did, looking kinda nervous. 

At least I don’t think he’s going to be one of those people that leans forward and hands onto the seat on front of them for the whole trip.

So yeah. Today plus 3 days left!


Today I give myself a half point. Last for on the subway, was standing beside me. When she looked down and saw me, she immediately moved to the other side of the subway.

There maybe since who doubt this and want to write it off as purely coincidence but when she looked back at me, the look on her eyes said it all.

Before I leave, I’ll have to total up me SCORE :)

SCORE!!! Update!

I’m counting this round as a 2.5.

First, the usual “Oh a foreigner, can’t sit beside him.”

Then it was , “Oh, a foreigner…. but there are no other seats…. So I’ll sit there but I’ll be real uncomfortable about it.  Oh, next stop, a free seat that is 20ft away, I’ll rush over there before it gets taken and leave the bulky bags I brought on the subway by the door I came in.”

Couple of stops later, another lady just sits beside me fine. When another end seat becomes open, she moves. Gonna add a .2 because end seats are generally more desirable but no way to talk of that was the only reason she left.

Total 2.7