North Korea’s internet goes dark

Over the weekend, as North Korean officials demanded a “joint investigation” into the Sony attacks and denied culpability — an assertion the United States rejected — Internet service began to get wobbly. By early Monday, the Internet went as dark as one of those satellite photographs showing the impoverished country by night.

Given their limited connectivity, I wouldn’t be surprise if it could be taken down by a single computer at someone’s house.

27 million South Koreans affected by data breach | CSO Online

Even though I’m still or if the country,  I still keep tabs on things.

And hurray for being one of the most word countries in the world but still think Internet Explorer is a must have for banking!  Just goes to show that they really don’t understand security. This article is nothing new…

My Virtual Girlfriend

How many of you ever considered how connections/relations are made, changed and broken in our modern world and the age of the Internet.  I hope to express some of those ideas with this poem.  Having read many stories about such things, I felt it was time for such a writing.

My Virtual Girlfriend

We met by chance
Or perhaps it was fate?
There was no such thing as a date.

Innocent were the words that started
Any guy would give a happy twirl
To talk to a pretty girl.

From nothing it started
Words of fun and play were wrote
Even in this digital world you can emote.

A sudden impulse was felt
Then the bandwidth grew
A picture was sent of you.

Stunned by the image
Something new took place
A mind was blown as the heart did race.

Thoughts were exchanged
An increase in tension was felt
The barriers of awkwardness began to melt.

A new stage has begun
Daring statements were made
Equally bold replies spoken never to fade.

A leap in trust was achieved
Now imagery was unbound
New energy was found.

A change in the digital vibe
Suddenly the future was in mind
Plans were made in the more traditional kind.

New ground has been met
The virtual world was forming real
From casual words to energetic zeal.

A dark cloud soon arose
The surety of faith and soul
Was let down by fear of a dark hole.

Electrons froze
The etheric networks became still
What once was passion was now a nil.

Separation of bodies
Meaningless online
But not the virtual divide.

What once started slowly
Counted in bits and bytes
Ended in a crash of electrolytes.

There are no sensations now
In this virtual world
That is how I feel about that virtual girl.

What to make of this all?
The story is not yet done
The tale not yet spun.

Stuck in the endless loop
Life has ways of such things
Repeat is inevitable for us in the Samsara Rings.

Oh the things you find randomly…

So recently I’ve been playing with Sugru (see here for details) and wanted to check something on their site.  I mis-typed it and found a pretty funny page.

My Unusual Genetically-Related Uncle

My UGRU Matt, wearing his incognito clothesThis is the story of my UGRU Matt, who is:

Unusual (to say the least!)
Genetically-Related (a blood relatve)
Uncle (mine, my dad’s brother)

Now, if you want to use this website domain for some other purpose, I’m certainly open to suggestions. For a reasonable sum it can be yours! Just send your proposal to

My UGRU Matt is quite a character. He is about 8 ft. tall (that’s less than 3 meters, but not that much less). Matt, who I will henceforth refer to as UGRU, is a mystery flyer for commercial airlines. He flies incognito and evaluates the flight attendants and cabins of the airlines that he flies.

Matt is Usually Genial and Rarely Unhappy.

Of course, since UGRU is so tall, his presence is hardly a mystery to the airline staff. They all know him, and greet him when they see him. “Hey, Matt, good to see you! Are you mystery flying with us today?”

UGRU always acknowledges that he is working as a mystery flyer. So, the airline staff are on their best behavior when he is aboard. He writes a glowing report, he gets paid, the staff keep their jobs, and everyone is happy.
Money that my UGRU receives for each mystery flight
This is the normal amount of money that UGRU Matt gets paid for every flight that he takes. He accepts cash only.

Call Now: Tell Congress to Reject CISPA


Call Now: Tell Congress to Reject CISPA

The House is about to vote on the “cybersecurity” bill known as CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Despite recent amendments, CISPA still features dangerously vague language that could put your personal information in the hands of military organizations like the National Security Agency.

While CISPA passed through the House last year, it failed to be enacted after a veto threat. This year’s bill fails to solve the fundamental privacy and civil liberties problems with the misguided law. Please speak out! We’re asking individuals to call Representatives and follow up with a tweet.

Click here if you’re not in the United States.
Suggested script:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent of [Congressperson’s name].

Please oppose H.R.624, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, also known as CISPA. It is a misguided bill that violates my privacy. I believe that the right cybersecurity solution does not involved sacrificing the privacy rights of Internet users.

Thank you for your consideration, and for acting against this dangerous bill.

Phone lines closed?

If you call and the phone lines are already closed or overwhelmed, please send an email.

Spread the word!

Excellent! Now that you’ve made the call, use our Twitter tool to tell key members of Congress to stand up for your privacy and vote NO on CISPA and to help spread the word.

#North Korea revokes 3G web access for tourists after just a month

I think the whole world was surprised when NK announced that they would allow tourists to access the 3G network while there.  Then suddenly, the 3G option was shut down.

“3G access is no longer available for tourists to the DPRK,” Koryo Tours has said. “Sim cards can still be purchased to make international calls but no internet access is available.”

read whole article here

Now, let’s put a few things together shall we and see what you see.

Timeline of events:

  1. March 1 – North Korea to allow mobile internet for foreigners
  2. March 20 – South Korea hit by a cyber attack
  3. March 22 – South Korea misidentifies China as cyberattack origin
  4. March 25 – North Korea revokes 3G web access for tourists after just a month

A little bit of details about the attack itself.

“Discovering that the code was from China makes it more likely that the attack was from North Korea, because a lot of North Korean hackers operate there,” said Ryou Jae Cheol, a professor of computer engineering and securities at Chungnam National University. “Who else would be making this kind of attack at this scale and timing other than North Korea?” — Bloomberg Businessweek, March 21, 2013.

But wait….didn’t they back-peddle and say it was a mis-identification?

Does anyone else here see the politics and ‘lets be nice to the whiny baby up north’ tactics being used?  I sure as hell do.

And gee…I wonder how they got access to remote machines….< he says, covertly pointing to the March 1 link….>.