Wait…white privilage??

Eric Degans wrote “it just sounds like Chappelle is using white privilege.”

So now here we have a black writer accusing another black comedian of using white privilage. This has got to be some sort of point in time where those who want to feel offended will use such ludicrous justificaitons.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

I usually stay away from politics but …

Comments from politicians like this are too much to ignore and mock.

Excuse me a second…


Needed to get that out.

For those out of the loop:

Aug 2018 – a New York Court issues an arrest warrand for Men Wanzhou, #2 in the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

Dec 1 – Meng is arrested in Vancouver, BC at the request of the US authorities.

Dec 8, China threatens ‘severe consequences’.

Dec 10, China detains former diplomat Michael Kovrig(International Crisis Group) and business consultant Michael Spavor under suspicious of ‘engaging in activities that threatened China’s national security”.

(Surely that’s just a coincidence right?)

Jan 2019 – China sentences Robert Lloyd Shellenberg to death after it was suddenly deemed that his 15 year prison sentence(since 2014) was ‘too lenient’.

Canada then updates it’s travel advisory for China, warning people of ‘risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws.”

In a ‘tit-for-tat’, China does the same for travel to Canada, citing Meng’s arrest.

(I swear to gods that politicians are nothing but 12 year olds in middle school….)

Mar 2019 – China bands imports of seeds used to make cooking oil, biodiesel and animal feed from Canada.

Jun 2019 – China suspends all import of Canadian beef and pork.

Nov 2019 – China resums meat imports.

Jun 2020 – China FINALLY charges the two Michaels, 18 months after their arrest.

Sep 2021 – Meng is granted release. Hours later the Michaels have been released. BUT it wasn’t related to Meng right? RIGHT?!?!

There are more details, this is just a high-level view. Feel free to google it if you like. As for me, I’m firmly in the Apple Camp, so will never buy a Huawei device ever.

Former Spy Chief in South Korea Sentenced in Election Case

“What I did was for the nation and for the people,” Mr. Won told reporters on Monday.


You know, when you abuse government services, it don’t matter how you look at it….you are breaking the law by NOT allowing people to make up their own minds.  This is the kind of stuff the makes modern politics really freaking creepy.  If anyone thinks their current government does NOT engage in these kinds of activity, they are fooling themselves.

South Korea Disbands Party Sympathetic to North – NYTimes.com

Today is the day when democracy in South Korea is pronounced dead,” Lee Jung-hee, head of the United Progressive Party, said during a rally of party members outside the courthouse. Ms. Lee accused the Constitutional Court of “opening the door for totalitarianism.” Some party members wept.


I’ve been watching this president….. Too many things has been done that have not been good for freedom. This is one of them.

China mulls impact of N. Korea regime collapse on border area | GlobalPost

In my 3.5 years of living here, I have seen China’s attitude towards North Korea change in the following order:

– Defending North Korea’s actions
– Saying nothing about its actions
– ‘Inviting’ North Korea up for a talk about its actions
– Criticizing North Korea for ours actions
– and now preparing against its actions

I suspect more news propaganda to appear and something to happen within 3 years at best.


Korea in the news

Well, I figure I should do more news reports.  So much is not known about things in this part of the world…or things that are related to Korea.

Report: 9 North Korean defectors repatriated after being caught in Laos, sent to China

SEOUL, South Korea — Nine North Korean defectors have been forced to return to their country from China after being captured in Laos, a South Korean news report says.

Laos had been assumed to be a safe route for North Koreans leaving their mostly poverty-stricken homeland. Activists say that defectors who are returned to North Korea can be punished or even killed by the regime, considered one of the world’s most repressive and brutal.

Surprise surprise.  I just can’t really fathom a country that goes to such great lengths of control.  It simply can’t last.

North Korea sanctions hit aid groups, some forced to carry cash by hand due to bank clampdown

PYONGYANG, North Korea — New international sanctions aimed at thwarting North Korea’s nuclear weapons program are having unintended consequences: halting money transfers by foreign humanitarian groups working to help those most in need and forcing some agencies to carry suitcases of cash in from outside.

Sometimes I am a little mixed.  I mean, people should be allowed to do what they want but at the same time, if other people want to do something different, then it should be so.  If you simply cannot bear to think on you own and let someone else run your life, that’s fine by me but you should be aware of the alternatives and make an informed decision.

Dangerous double-jaw surgery on the rise in South Korea

A painful plastic surgery usually only performed for medical reasons is being embraced by South Koreans as the latest way to improve their appearance.

Double-jaw surgery is a radical solution to correct facial deformities and is usually carried out on people who are unable to chew properly due to an excessive over or underbite.[emphasis mine]

First, I could easily tell from the pic that it was a fake ‘before’ image.  You start to see these ‘advertisements’ all over the place where it’s rather obvious the ‘before’ pic is simply an edited version of the ‘after’ pic.  I especially like the one poster where they changed the size of the ‘after’ to make it look even more dramatic :)




Call Now: Tell Congress to Reject CISPA

From EFF.org:

Call Now: Tell Congress to Reject CISPA

The House is about to vote on the “cybersecurity” bill known as CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Despite recent amendments, CISPA still features dangerously vague language that could put your personal information in the hands of military organizations like the National Security Agency.

While CISPA passed through the House last year, it failed to be enacted after a veto threat. This year’s bill fails to solve the fundamental privacy and civil liberties problems with the misguided law. Please speak out! We’re asking individuals to call Representatives and follow up with a tweet.

Click here if you’re not in the United States.
Suggested script:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent of [Congressperson’s name].

Please oppose H.R.624, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, also known as CISPA. It is a misguided bill that violates my privacy. I believe that the right cybersecurity solution does not involved sacrificing the privacy rights of Internet users.

Thank you for your consideration, and for acting against this dangerous bill.

Phone lines closed?

If you call and the phone lines are already closed or overwhelmed, please send an email.

Spread the word!

Excellent! Now that you’ve made the call, use our Twitter tool to tell key members of Congress to stand up for your privacy and vote NO on CISPA and to help spread the word.

#North Korea’s public relations man….

North Korea’s public relations man is a Spaniard with a tough job

Meet Alejandro Cao de Benós, the only non-Korean employee of North Korea’s foreign ministry. The Spaniard is taking the PR message of North Korea’s greatness across Europe.

(From The Christian Science Monitor)


The representative from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry describes a country devoid of hunger, poverty, and political repression. Every citizen receives their housing, salary, and plentiful sacks of rice directly from the government, he says, pointing to photos of smiling children and sharply-dressed adults – ice skating, on smartphones, and enjoying rides at amusement parks as proof of prosperity.

In North Korea people wouldn’t ever want to leave the country, he says, even if they could.

I particularly like the “even if they could” part!  I wonder how much of a hypocrite he knows he is.  Given the fact that anyone leaving their town will be killed and any family members that are left behind are killed as well to make examples of such acts.

Before serving as spokesperson to North Korea he worked as an IT consultant in Pamplona and in the US.

Oh how I want to make an obvious connection between North Korea’s cyber-warfare tactics and this guys expertise but without knowing more details of what he did with such a broad term of employment, it’s purely a guess that he has helped North Korea (well, at least parts of it) come into the technical world.