Weird Connections, part 1

Sometimes you hear something from an ancient story and then realize….heyyy, that sounds familiar. Here are some weirdly intersting connections that I’ve found. This will be an occasional, but ongoing, series.

Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA.

Everyone in modern western culture has heard of this area. It’s a metonym for the US Congress. The Capiral Hill Building is very prominent and very recognizable. Especialy the round dome with the pillars all around it.

Intersting to see the styles of other buildings that mimmick pillars as well.

Did you know that there was an area called Capitoline Hill in Rome? It too had promient buildings with pillars in them and considentally was the place where King Tarkin tried to avoid a prophecy on famine but instead caused the prophecy to come true. Related to THIS POST.

I’m hoping to keep this little series going over the years. I find it rather intersting.

Added bonus!

Did you know that the Capitol Hill area has a hidden Owl shape in it?!

I’m not telling you my name!

My wife has a temporary Co-worker for a month while a high-strung teacher takes a break.  Apparently she’s a nice lady and gets along fine with everyone.  My wife asks her for her name and she replies:

“I’m not telling you my name.  I’m not even telling the students my name.  I’m only here for a month and the students can go online and find our my information.”

Wow.  Just……wow.

So my wife says “So what do I call you?”

“You can call me Ms Im.”

I’m thinking she could have just said that to begin with.