I’m not telling you my name!

My wife has a temporary Co-worker for a month while a high-strung teacher takes a break.  Apparently she’s a nice lady and gets along fine with everyone.  My wife asks her for her name and she replies:

“I’m not telling you my name.  I’m not even telling the students my name.  I’m only here for a month and the students can go online and find our my information.”

Wow.  Just……wow.

So my wife says “So what do I call you?”

“You can call me Ms Im.”

I’m thinking she could have just said that to begin with.

Completely Random #Korea

So we are sitting in the bus terminal, getting our tickets for tomorrow, when all of a sudden, some guy comes riding though the area, on his bicycle, playing some Korean song. Rides around the room once, then right back out.  Korea never fails to amuse me.