Kitten, Parties and Christmas

So I went to my first Christmas Party with some friends. Got there at about 1ish, we hung out, had some eggnog and rum, then some apple cider, snacked on chips and of course….petted the kitten!

Then while we were eating…..The Gravy Incident happened.

We had those ‘party poppers’ and my friend sitting to the right of me, popped hers and then proceeded to elbow the freshly made gravy right into my lap. So there I was, first time at my friend’s place, 8 other people watching and her suddenly shouting ‘get your pants off!’. To be honest, I’ve not seen any more of a creative way for a woman to ask this of me before, so big props to her! :D

I got these cute little PJs for the rest of the party while my pants/sweater/socks were being de-gravied.

We also played Cards Against Humanity, Canadian Edition. Had a good amount of fun with that, as you would normally expect clearly ‘mature’ adults to have.

Had a good amount of ‘deep friend turkey'(never had it that way before, it was good!), mashed potatoes and of course desserts.

All-in-all, one of the best times I’ve had in awhile. I’m very grateful for my friends!

Ooops, missed a day

My bad, I missed a day. Let’s see how we can make that up :)

So I rarely log into FB any more. I’ve been in once int he last 4 weeks. Yesterday I deleted the Messenger App from my phone since not a single “friend” from FB has sent me a message in months. Months!

Years ago I used to send out christmas cards. For years, I would mail them out and not a single person ever mailed one back to me. So then I just stopped and much like the lack of responses, I heard nothing about the lack of sending cards. Was I sending them out just to get one? Nope but one would think that your ‘friends’ would keep in touch and do _something_. Clearly I misjudged them as being in the class of ‘someone who is “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”.

Recently, some of those, of whom I’ve known for 30 years, are we are doing it again. These people, these supposed ‘friends’ a shutting down and creating excuses to cause drama, then trying to hide behind means so they don’t look bad. Too late. I brought you into the light, you have been seen by those who are aware and I am done.

I will do what I did before. Walk away and move onto better pastures. I will work with other people, who do call me, who do message me, who do consider their actions beforehand and think beyond themselves.

Know your worth and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


It seems that a lot of weak-old people have really lost their way over the last two years. Their critical thinking has dropped to nil, their rational thought has been twisted inwards and they have zero compassion for their friends.

Or maybe their true selves are finally emerging? Two quotes come t. Mind.

“People are only as good as society allows them.”

The Joker, Dark Knight Rise

“Think about the average IQ in your society, then realize that half the people you know are dumber than that.”

George Carlin

I think we are seeing a truer side of people and it’s sad to think that after 30 years of friendship, I’m finally seeing how some people are. I mean, their actions were never so overt but now there’s not even an attempt to hide unfounded contempt.

I’ve written people off before and I’ll do it again. I got better things to do in my life than to continually put effort into something that has clear resistance to being kept together.

I’ve done my best to make peace with those I felt I did not treat well, occasionally it worked where things could move forward. If someone has issues, I’m done trying to help. Onto greener pastures, as they say.

Pretty adjusted now

I think finally back on track with proper sleeping schedule. I picked up a cold when I got back, it’s finally down to a niggling cough and McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes such these days.

Sigh. I’m really trying to like it back home…. honest!

Friends are nice to see, Tim Horton’s coffee is still good. Family is always good to me. Hmmm, need more time to plan my next move.

The fond farewell

Being in Korea for nearly 10% of my life has been one hell of an experience.  It has given me a perspective on life and the world that could not be had any other way.  Having visited Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia/Singapore, the United Kingdom and obviously South Korea, I learned that it had always been the people you meet that makes the journey memorable.  Oh sure, petting a live tiger in Thailand is pretty freaking awesome, and a tough act to follow, but reality, he never answered his emails or wished me happy birthday…. So, he gets second place to the people I have met.

Saturday night we had our one last blast at a meat buffet place in Jinju called SelfBar.  Basically you grab a plate, pick your own meat, cook it yourself…. no limits. All for a whopping 11,000 won(about $10).  We had a few friends come down from Seoul and it was great.






With 17 people there, we pretty much dominated the place.

Then we went to Starbucks and owned that place too!  Must have been quite a sight for the local Koreans with so many of us all on one place.


Everyone signed a book for us too.

Well, I am writing this from our hotel room by the airport. Tomorrow afternoon we fly back to Canada. Thank you Korea, it has been an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives! Hopefully you won’t make the mistake of ” I didn’t realize how powerful the stove is in the place. I put the kettle on it and… ” “Dude, it’s an electric kettle…”

In any case, our sun sets this land….. I’m sure I’ll always more to write about in my “story” here.


A sad post

A friend of mine is leaving Korea back to Australia. He’s been my best friend while I’ve known him over the last year. We’ve had a ton of fun, commiserated over Korea, women, jobs. We’ve laughed our asses off at some of the bat-shit crazy things we ran into. Going to be quiet going forward.

I will miss his presence and look forward to meeting him again in the future.

I might as well also let everyone know that the decision to leave Korea has been made. February will be my last month here. I am going back home for a while til I decide exactly what my next move will be. Europe is a strong possibility 😁

But don’t worry, I’ll always be able to find crazy stuff to write about!  Probably some reverse culture shock I suspect.  Like bus drivers who know how to modulate breaks by NOT jabbing them I’m strong, short bursts!

Leaving the UK

Sigh.  Don’t really want to leave.  Made some incredible friends here. Had some way awesome times. Yet here I am,  waiting for the sign in the airport to tell me what gate to go to.

In the plus side,  I’ll be doing some time traveling.  I leave here Saturday night and arrive in Seoul Monday morning,  yet only flying 18hrs-ish :) Not sure how to manage my sleep to adjust to this. . I’ll actually get into my house about 6hrs after I land…. one of the downsides to living on the opposite end on the country.

I’ll be posting up pics that my friends took after they send them to me. Damn good times.

Now this is a day and a half!

Lets start with the literal start of the 12th of June….midnight.

I was out with sure friend, eating food, decided to do a bit of odd school video arcade, grab done ice cream from somewhere.  All in all it went really well.  Now, it was getting late, my knee was bugging me a bit, I was feeling lazy so i decided to take a cab.  Trying to get a cab, in Seoul, between midnight and 1am is impossible.  Spook the fuckers wasn’t is long-distance fares and they will ask you where you want to go before you get in the cab.  Their doors are locked so you can’t even get in and then tell them.  They will simply just drive away.  This even happens to Koreans, so its not a foreigner thing.

So after years of complaining, the government finally opened up a hotline that you can call.  Great…..except that when I called, they were closed and it was forwarded to a stand-by tourist hotline person who sounded like I just woke her up and chorus do nothing for me.  So essentially the help line was useless when you needed it most. Thanks Korea.

Ok, so now what?  I decide to call one of the cab companies.  I got the number off one of the local cabs i know that drive around Seoul.  Even withmy bad Korean, the lady knew where I was and where I wanted to go.  I Hang up and wait.  After 15 mins I get a text message that failed to translate worth a damn.


I forward this off to my Korean friend, where I was staying, as he was waiting for me. He tells me that the message said there are no taxis in my area.  WTF?  There are literally like thousands driving all over the place!  Mostly ignoring everyone.  Even saw the shady looking mini-van, unmarked, with a taxi “available” windshield light on. 

Ok, now what are my options? I could just keep on trying…..find a motel to stay at….i certainly could not walk back to where I was staying.  Then, out of the blue, one of the Seoul taxis speed in front of me to let some people out.  Well, I wait and while doing so, this other Korean wasps up from the other direction thinking he’s going to grab it.  HA!  Fat chance buddy!  I tell the driver my location and he says ok.  Sweet!  I give him and extra tip and was just fine paying $7 for that taxi ride.

Fast forward sleeping and the bulk of the next day and I get a message from the girl who is doing my tattoo that she can’t do the second part today.  The reason?  Her younger brother tried to commit suicide and she had to go to the hospital to be with her family.  Wow.

Quite the day indeed!