Signs of my Travels, 4/4

And for the grand finale, where is a large batch of them. Feel free to ask any questions, I’m sure many of the signs in this series raised a few :D

Despite all the Enlgish Learning, they never seem to consult english speakers when doing things like this.

Hope you all enjoyed this series. Let me know if you’d like to see others like this.

Signs of my Travel, 3/4

And the hits just keep on coming! Remember, No Overeat!

Signs of my Travel, 2/4

There are times where if you don’t take a pic, no one will believe you. There are even people who make up stories just to feel good about themselves. Sadly, there are a LOT of those types. From my experiences, I never need to make up anything. In fact, I feel if I made it up stuff, it would be less believable than the real thing. So, here are real signs I found while roaming the world.

Signs of my Travel, 1/4

Of all the things I see, it’s the signs that tend to be most amusing. Notably because of a language mishap, but sometimes just because they seem to….well, ridiculous and would never be used in North America. Other times it just something that can be taken wya out of contect. In either way, it’s amusing and interesting to see. So, here are some of those signs. Because I took a lot of pics, I won’t put them all into one post. Unless otherwise noted, all pics were taken by myself.

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Useless signs in Korea

I am still trying to comprehend the typical Korean mindset.  I keep seeing things that any normal westerner would pay attention to yet these things either get ignored or somehow get placed in areas that are totally useless.

The door will not open

The door will not open

Despite this rather OBVIOUS sign that is RIGHT BESIDE where you would put your hand, people have ignored it.  It gets even more mind-boggling when they go to put their hand on a handle and don’t find one, nor any other mechanism for opening a door.   They immediately mention this to their friend behind them and look totally confused.  Just….wow.

Now, how about a sign that is absolutely useless?  Video proof.

So I ask you fellow travelers, why would anyone put a warning sign AFTER the thing it’s warning you about?!