19 thoughts on “Falling!”

    1. Ha! Never enough! What would I write about back home? The polluted waters of lake Ontario? The whinings of football team owners? RIM, the last great hope for Canada in the mobile market, crashing at a stupendous rate? Nah, signs with little bear pushing their parents to a splattering and bloody end is much more entertaining don’t you think?

      1. Oh it’s entertaining alright! But i dont want you to turn into one of those fluffy bears that one day is being a victim of a “on a bus score!!!!” game :P

      2. Please do! I’ll make it a rather big and obvious blog post! I’ll even write a small essay on ‘why foreigners stare at other foreigners in a foreign country”!

      3. See, now you’re just teasing! (Although it is very beautiful here, wait for the pics/vid I post up of Goeje island!). And if you like teaching English, there is lots of opportunity for that and a decent pay (typically around $2000 to start, free housing). Not that I’m tempting you or anything… ;) Who knows, might even get OM to make a visit then too!

      4. I’ll believe it when I see you in Seoul! Feel free to contact me if you are serious. Been here 3 years, my wife knows the lay of the land pretty well.

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