Wow, Asian Dust

There is a phenomena called Asian Dust(or Yellow Dust) where fine participate sand from China’s dessert is carried over and deposited in other countries.  It can be quite nasty at times and explains why I’ve had this annoying dry-cough for a couple of weeks now.


This is the bench where I normally sit at my thinking spot.  I’ve wiped off an area to sit because the all the surfaces were coated like this.  There is some serious concern about China’s pollution being carried over this way too.  I’m just glad that the winds go toward Japan and not from it!  Not sure if I’d be happy with all their radiation problems, let alone the ones they aren’t telling us about.

I really it am doing my best to enjoy this weather.  Gonna miss it when the hot season hits!

Daily Image of Korea


Yellow Dust. Its a bit of nasty stuff and can cause various reactions in people. You may have seen pics of Asians wearing masks, well this stuff is why.

If you look closely at the red bricks, just above the cement square with the hold, you will notice a slight bit of lighter(yellow) colouring along the edges of two bricks.. That would be the yellow dust as it is being washed away by the rain. And yes, that is some of the stuff you probably heard about in the news that was carrying some minute level of radiation from Japan.