#Seoul Tim Burton Exhibit

So there is a Tim Burton “media” exhibit. I use the word media because there are a few types of visuals on display. First are gates to the Art museum.  They do look pretty cool.

Tim Burton Gates

Then you have the dressing up of the ticket box oh the outside.  A nice touch I think.

Box Office where the pumpkins puke out your tickets after you stuff money down its throat.

Of course the entrance is all dressed up outside too.

Gallery Entrance

Once inside, there is a giant inflatable character plus at work all around.

Giant inflatable character, main hall

We were told no pictures of anything inside the exhibit halls.  This time I decided to go with that.  I can tell you that besides numerous drawing, napkin scribbles, paintings, there were also video displays.  The videos ranged from short small screens to full-scale movies, although, none of the Hollywood stuff of course.  That would be breaking some short Intellectual Property violation or least cost way more than it would be worth.  Still, our was nice to see the artwork.  The early writings of his ideas for movies, and even a rejection letter from Walt Disney Co on one of his submitted children’s books from his early beginnings.  Rather amusing that he ended up working for them years later.

Entrance to exhibit halls

It was worth the trip and 12,000 won.

Tim Burton Batman drawing
Tim Burton Batman shoving me out-of-the-way.
Inflatable character, other side.