Cameras, cameras everywhere

First there was the camera on the Airbus A380 tail fun showing you the top of the plane,  then there were the  CCTV cameras that are everywhere in England,  now for some reason,  there is a camera on the front of our bus,  which I understand,  but why are they showing it to the passengers?


I mean,  I don’t need to what is immediately in front of the bus.  It’s not like I’ll be able to see my so and ring any bell.  Is this the new entertainment for passengers?

In any case I’m in off to Stevenage to meet some board gamers as well as check out another town. Let’s see if I can get back with less difficulties.  I should as it is only one his and not a confusing about of trains and interchanges.

Suddenly, a wild hedgehog appears!

So I was hanging outside late last night with my flatmates when I heard this little bit of rustling in the garden behind us.  Turns out that I got to see my first wild hedgehog!  They were surprised that I’ve never seen one before but then I explained that I’ve only ever seen one as a pet back home.



Life goes on

Today I walked over to the mall and grabbed a burger from a place nearby.  It was only two pounds and was ok. While here , listening to the regulars joke around,  an rather inebriated old guy,  who was referred to as  007, came in.   There was some amusing discussion about making sure he paid for his food from yesterday.  After a few miss,  this woman comes  in,  and seems to be helping… Well Mr 007 didn’t like differing and gave her a bit of a shove away.  That started a downhill event that was worth of only a reality TV show. Harsh words were down,  the woman seemed to be ask emotionally distraught because she was just trying to help.

Mr 007 was escorted out the door and things called down a bit but the woman seemed to work herself up into a fit and she came at him,  literally foaming at the mouth,  but the other patrons held her back.   It was both surreal and comical.

Eventually the owner called the cops,  and here is where I learned about how the massive CCTV surveillance is both used and thought about in London and the town of  Luton I’m staying in. . A few times since people mentioned that  “it(the whole incident) was caught in camera”  and when the owner called,  he did speak about the camera to the cops.

Eventually the two left and went over to the park area where it seemed only words were exchanged with other regulars of the park area and that was it.   I left about then and did not see any police show up.

It seems that I will be thoroughly entertained while in here too :)