10,000 miles later and finally at my new home!

With little trouble, Justin & I made it to Bharati’s apartment.  Getting on the bus to Uijeongbu was pretty easy and traffic was good so in an hour we were here.  Now, the first taxi I asked to take us to the address (written in Korean) said no because I’m guessing he didn’t want to potentially scratch his new car with our 4 bags of luggage.  The next taxi was quite willing and got us really close to the place.

Seems that I overestimated the name of the apartment to be bigger than it actually was.  I figured with a name like ‘Ji Young Village’ it was a kind of complex that would be obvious to anyone who knew the area.  Actually, it’s a short little building on a kind of backstreet.  You’d never see it unless you specifically went down this small street.

Bharati had mentioned a Baskin Robins and a middle school, both of which we were by.  So, time to start asking around to get the address.  Side note, I only realized during the taxi ride that address number was different from what Bharati had emailed me to what her friend translated(text only, just the number was different).  I decided I’d stick with Bharati’s info as it was most likely to be correct.

So, we got some ice cream at the Baskin Robins and asked where the address might be.  They pointed us in a direction.  I was able to find an unsecured wifi and double-checked the email Bharati sent describing the ‘walk down this alley’ (which did have me mildly concerned about the wording…) but turned out that it was simply a connecting walk way between two streets.  In a few mins we found the place.

At this point I’m sure someone is wondering, how did I get in without a key?  Well, this is a very modern building and they use a keypad.  One code to open front door and another to the apartment.  Simple and felt odd not having any keys on me.

Typical Korea door lock in apartments, with cover closed
Keypad exposed

I started unpacking as two of the suitcases were lent to me by Justin and were going back with him.  Actually, I sent back one of the ones I bought because it didn’t hold up so well, will be getting mom to have Canadian Tire honour the ‘lifetime warranty’ I was told it had.

Unpacking done, now to find out how to get Justin back to the airport so he can fly home.  Found all kinds of information on how to get the bus HERE but not so much the opposite.  We figured that it should be at least the main station where we were dropped off at.  I got in touch with Bharati and found the Airport Limousine bus stop was nice and close.  Justin managed to get on the 1:10pm bus to the airport.  Hopefully his direct flight to Toronto will be just that for him.

One a side note, signs for the G20 summit was every at the airport.  Oddly, their security, I felt, was not as great as it should have been.  They were x-raying people’s luggage on the way out but not everyone.  Seemed odd that it was only some people and not all.  Guess it was a kind of ‘half-step’ added to normal x-raying before you get before you board the plane.

So, now to finish my unpacking and organizing my grand worldly possessions in a room smaller than the master bedroom in the house we sold.

As for the 10,000 miles….I included the extra trip to Vancouver and back.