Minimalist by nature

Korea has pushed real hard for their people to be conservative. Even to the point of suffering at times. Some of it on purpose, some of it by design. Lets take something as simple as a bathroom.

From Random Korea 2012

This is a typical apartment bathroom is a single n bachelor placed, this is the bathroom from our first place actually.  There is no tub, there is no dividing wall/glass doors. Everything just gets wet.  Trying to keep a place dry is a task that is daunting.  A friend once asked us how we keep our bathroom so dry.  I told her we keep the bathroom fan running nearly all day and the door mostly closed. It’s the only way to generate any airflow to draw out the moist air.

See, there is no central heating.  There is only floor heating.  It does an admiral job but all that humid summer air just sits around.  You have to buy a fan to move air throughout the place and even then, there will be done dead spots that will start growing mold.

How do Koreans deal with it?  By opening up windows.  In the middle of summer or winter.  It is insanity at its best when your conservative nature goes so far that you open classroom windows in the dead of winter or during the hottest and most humid part of summer.

I won’t even go into details how all the young girls wear skirts and don’t zip up their coats then complain that its cold during winter.  Fashion sense ranks higher than common sense it seems.