Korean School Kids

The kids here really are pushed really hard but that is directly related to the location of population concentration.  Essentially the more parents there are, the higher the competition to have your kid be more educated than the other kid.  There is even a kind of ‘limit’ to how many kids someone could tutor.  I have a Korean friend who tutors some kids and occasionally asks me to help out.  I get to be the ‘guest foreigner’ for them and something to talk about.  I found out that it’s hard to get references to get more students because the parents kind of ‘hoard her’ as they like her and don’t want any other student to have her teaching them.  That way they feel they are getting special treatment and have a great tutor as well.

Still, while in regular class, they do vary in personality.  Anywhere from too tired to work to ‘I got more energy than you can think of’.’  Here is a picture from one of my wife’s classes.  You can see the range of personalities. :)

Yes, the one on the right is sleeping.