Cherry Blossoms in #South Korea

South Korea takes great pride in its Cherry Blossoms.  So much that there is an annual festival held in a few cities with Jinhae being one of the most popular places to go.

A quick word on holidays here.  If you plan on going to another part of the country (particularly heading South from the North), you shall be classified as clinically insane.  A Drive from Seoul to the southern coast is usually around 4-5 hours, depending on stops and breaks that you might take.  The same drive during a major holiday has been known to take 15 hours!  Trains are a much cheaper and quicker way to go but you had damn well better book in advance to get a seat on one.

Ok, back to Cherry blossoms.

Viewing this relatively short blooming event(about a week when it is best to see them), can be challenging.  Weekends, while the most obvious free time, are also the most free time for the 50 Million other people living here.  Last year we tried to go only slightly early but there were very few blooms because we were too early.  Two weekends later we were too late as most were on the ground.

This year, however, we are quite blessed to be in the South and living in a city where the streets are lined with them :)  So we get to see them everyday!  That being said, we still plan on hitting the Jinhae festival, as crazy as it will be, just to experience it once.  After that, we’ll never do it again.  It’s kinda like going to a theme park on the nicest saturday of the year….everyone is there…quite literally, everyone.

Here are a couple of pics taken last week.

Just starting to bloom out.

And here are some pics taken two days ago.