Confusion on the Gyeongju Bus

This weekend is a long weekend, so we are going to visit a few people in a few cities. While on the bus leaving our first so, there is one last stop before it leaves Jinju. Apparently there was some confusion as one woman and her son were sitting in the seats that someone else had a ticket for.

Although I could follow the conversation, from what I could gather, it seems that there was a ticket change and the woman seemed to be complaining that the ticket office was at fault for not making sure there was an available seat. The driver argued with her and after 15mins, the other lade (and her mother, who was in her 50’s at least ) ended up sitting on the floor at the front of the bus.

I decided to record the conversations to show how the level of tone escalates slowly but luckily it did not get to screaming. I’m surprised that the mother would let the older woman sit on the floor.

Clip 2

Clip 2

Minion Dave and the Jeju Chocolate Museum

Someone told us that this was the second largest chocolate museum in the world (with Germany being the first).  We were pretty disappointed with it but didn’t stop Dave from getting good pics!

Leaving the UK

Sigh.  Don’t really want to leave.  Made some incredible friends here. Had some way awesome times. Yet here I am,  waiting for the sign in the airport to tell me what gate to go to.

In the plus side,  I’ll be doing some time traveling.  I leave here Saturday night and arrive in Seoul Monday morning,  yet only flying 18hrs-ish :) Not sure how to manage my sleep to adjust to this. . I’ll actually get into my house about 6hrs after I land…. one of the downsides to living on the opposite end on the country.

I’ll be posting up pics that my friends took after they send them to me. Damn good times.