Practical Advice if you want to teach English in Korea

I was browsing Youtube and came across some good videos that explain a lot about being here in general as well as teaching English specifically.

First here’s a cool video that gives excellent practical advice from Tom Gates.(YouTube Channel, Blog)

A smart man and someone who knows what’s it’s like being here and being a teacher.  I’m sure he has his own sets of challenges because one thing he did not touch on was the ethnicity of the teachers.  There is quite a bit of bias against teachers are not ‘white’ or ‘physically fit’.  That’s not to say that all teachers here are skinny Caucasians but there are actually recruiters who actively post with clauses like “if you are not Caucasian, please do not apply” (The one in particular I know of has a lot less tact than how I put it.).  You must understand that Korea has been sheltered for a very long time and even today, they don’t really know what other countries are like.  Their mindset is one of uniformity(reinforced by their rules of society) and my East Indian wife got asked once “Don’t you feel left out in Canada?”.  They really don’t understand diversity and mainly because it’s not really taught in any of their classes.  I suspect that it’s because it goes against their ruling beliefs and thus are surprised when they encounter such things.

Now, there is the whole ‘Asians are hot, I wanna date/have sex with them’ mentality as well.  The above video touches on this topic but Michael Aronson goes into details about dating Koreans.  This playlist of “Dating in Korea” will both give you some more in-depth insight to the dating culture here as well as more details about the culture itself.