How to swear in Korean

Sweating in Korean

Wow, can’t believe that I haven’t posted this yet.  For educational purposes only ;)

* Common swear

Zonna(존나, 좆나) = Fu*king- (it used for adverb. like to F word?)
Sekki(새끼), Nom(놈) = lad
Byungsin(병신), Dngsin(등신) = Idiot, ass*ole, retard*d, lame, jerk
Ssibal(씨발) = God D*mn, D*mn it
Gaesekki(개새끼), Ssibsekki(씹새끼) = Son of a b*tch, ass*ole
Zot-(좆-) = Fu*king- (it’s prefix. it make any words to swear. meaning is d*ck)
Gae-(개-) = Sh*ting- (it’s like to Zot-. but more weaken expression. meaning is dog)
Ssib-(씹-) = Fu*king- (same meaning to Zot-. it just mean to pus*y)
Jiral(지랄) = bullsh*t
Zotkka(좆까, 조까) = Screw it, bullsh*t (more hard than jiral)
Nyeon(년) = bit*h (actually, it was not swear about 50 years ago)
Ssyangnyeon(썅년,쌍년) = bit*h (it’s very hard swear for girls)
Ssibal-nyeon(씨발년) = Motherf*cker (for girls, hard swear)
Ssibal-nom(씨발놈) = Motherf*cker (for men, hard swear)
Horosekki(호로새끼) = You’re a bast*rd (it’s very hard swear. be warn)

* Uncommon swear
Yeot moe goera(엿먹어라) = F**k you (anybody don’t need speak this. they just use own finger)
Ssangnom-sekki(쌍놈새끼, 쌍노무새끼) = ass*ole? (it’s not swear. usually senior use it for scolding)

Jashick(자식) is not swear. it means to child or lad.