The definition of insanity

The best definition of insanity I have found is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

So take this aujama with her metal cart.

From Random Korea 2012

The cart was folded up when she brought it on. She proceeded to unfold it and let it sit there. It started to roll away so she grabbed it and brought it back. It started to roll away again and again she grabbed it and brought it back. The cart rolled away a third time and she grabbed it and brought it back yet again. Now, at this point you’d think she do something different but nope. Luckily we got off at the next stop to avoid watching this insanity play out the length of her trip.


Westerners becoming Korean

There I am, standing by the subway door waiting for it to open. As the train approaches a foreign couple, say late 20s, walk up as well. I spy an end seat that has 3 spots open. Now everyone wants the end seat to have one less person sitting beside them so as I am technically closer to it, I should get it just fine. But wait….he pulls a Korean. By that I mean he starts pushing his way onto the train before everyone is off.

In a big city it seems the manners are tossed aside for the sake of a “me first” attitude. So here people push, shove, run just so they get there before anyone else.

So back to the seating.

As buddy rushes in he grabs the obvious end seat. His girlfriend whispers “good job” as if me being 12″ inches away won’t hear her.

I don’t buy the excuse that living in a big city is reason to ignore common decency. So let them be rude. It only hurts them. As for me, I’ll take comfort that Karma is a bitch and they’ll wonder why bad things happen to them.

Daily View of Korea

I changed the title to reflect a broader scope of visuals I present.


Read a comic while waiting for the subway.  You can also use the phone at this station for 3mins for free.  Usually enough time to call a person you are meeting to tell them you are there/late/lost.