Knife Sharpening demo on Subway

In Korea, the Line 1 Subway has a nickname, the ‘shopping line’.  This is because you get all kinds of people selling things from carts.  Stuff from band-aids to steamed corn.  You could literally ride the subway all day and probably get all your shopping done for the week.  On the hypocrisy side, the LCD displays that run commercials, run one for people saying ‘no’ to sellers and includes a reporting phone number.  Yet they continually sell stuff all the time.  I suspect it’s one of those ‘it’s only illegal when there is a problem, then we get to fine you.’.

It is always an adventure

I feel a little sad for those English teachers who come here and do nothing but work, drink, party, work. They are missing out on soooo much adventure. I don’t mean just the typical cultural things, such as temples or Festivals. I’m talking every day things that you see and would normally ignore in your own country but here it stands outs and impossible to ignore.

Like the Crazy Religious Guy.

I spent an hour in McDonald’s just observing this guy making his collage of articles and notes on each page. It was something I can’t really explain how I felt. I was like in some sort of alternate universe while I was eating my fries beside this guy. I tweeted everything he was doing and created a blog entry on it. I felt like I was witnessing something and compelled to stay less this experience be lost. Still, part of the adventure that I am sure the vast majority of Waygook‘s will miss out.

Up next is WTF Art:

Maybe I am no true artist because I just don’t get this type of art. While I am amused that they have such a thing in the Hongdae Trick Art Museum, I really have to question the reason for this to be here, let alone the person who made this. I was disappointed by not being able to get my camera ready quick enough when a couple let their little girl (and by little, I mean 3 years old) walk up to the statue and stick her finger ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

Ever seen an Inflatable wall? Well you can’t say that any more!

Korea has some interesting ideas on construction safety. Not only is there already a giant metal wall surrounding this site, but they felt the need to add in the wall from a jumping room.

Speaking of safety, check this guy out:

At first glance you just see a guy(barely) doing some exterior maintenance or window cleaning(he’s right above the tree). Until you look a bit closer..

The guy is basically sitting on a swing! Don’t see any safety harness there, do you?

But don’t scream, you’ll wake the Subway Troll!

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this. I’ll just leave this here and not say a word.

So, if any of you have text-character bodies, this plastic surgery place is the spot for you!

I think I would prefer real life examples.

Even PedoBear gets a Brazillian!

Itaewon is the place where you can get A-N-Y-T-H-I–N-G. Don’t worry, I’m staying Au-natural.

Korea is a place where you will see all kinds of fashion. I don’t really know what to make of this jacket but I just had to stop the guy and get a picture. I’m sure he just thought I was some crazy Waygook tourist and complied.

I can’t wait to see what the spring/summer will bring me this year for adventure!

The definition of insanity

The best definition of insanity I have found is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

So take this aujama with her metal cart.

From Random Korea 2012

The cart was folded up when she brought it on. She proceeded to unfold it and let it sit there. It started to roll away so she grabbed it and brought it back. It started to roll away again and again she grabbed it and brought it back. The cart rolled away a third time and she grabbed it and brought it back yet again. Now, at this point you’d think she do something different but nope. Luckily we got off at the next stop to avoid watching this insanity play out the length of her trip.

Westerners becoming Korean

There I am, standing by the subway door waiting for it to open. As the train approaches a foreign couple, say late 20s, walk up as well. I spy an end seat that has 3 spots open. Now everyone wants the end seat to have one less person sitting beside them so as I am technically closer to it, I should get it just fine. But wait….he pulls a Korean. By that I mean he starts pushing his way onto the train before everyone is off.

In a big city it seems the manners are tossed aside for the sake of a “me first” attitude. So here people push, shove, run just so they get there before anyone else.

So back to the seating.

As buddy rushes in he grabs the obvious end seat. His girlfriend whispers “good job” as if me being 12″ inches away won’t hear her.

I don’t buy the excuse that living in a big city is reason to ignore common decency. So let them be rude. It only hurts them. As for me, I’ll take comfort that Karma is a bitch and they’ll wonder why bad things happen to them.

Daily View of Korea

I changed the title to reflect a broader scope of visuals I present.


Read a comic while waiting for the subway.  You can also use the phone at this station for 3mins for free.  Usually enough time to call a person you are meeting to tell them you are there/late/lost.