Souvenirs you can buy in Seoul


Itaewon is the place every tourist goes to.   The regular foreigners avoid the place life the plague…. Well,  not the young and drinking crowd.   None of us way good here,  who are truly interested in culture,  like Itaewon. It’s loud,  rowdy,  and full of drunk westerners. Still,  on occasion you find yourself there because it ends up being the most convenient place to meet up with people.   It does have an ally high concentration of restaurants,  some of sick you won’t find anywhere else.  I guess it’s an OK place if you are feeling homesick because you can get your fix of  McDonalds,  Burger King,  KFC,  Outback,  Subway there.  Plus a million other street stalls to buy over-priced ‘Korea shirts’ (as it was shouted to me once).   Here is a fine example of such great things you can buy there.