A Story of Compassion: Update

Back in October of last year I was walking out with my wife when I heard this kitten crying.  Seriously, doens’t matter how old you are, if you are a decent human being, the suffering of any entity, human or otherwise, will make you take notice.  And since I love cats(most animals really) this was heart-wrenching.  The story of what happened next was all described in this post here.

This post is an update of what happened after!

The new owner has sent us regular update on Oliver (I wanted to call him Velcro, little bugger would stick to anything).  With those updates, I had some fun and posted the pictures on Imgur.  They always like to see a good story.  Of course, they have a twisted bit of humour at times, so I used the following pics to have some fun with the site.



Now, we got more recent pics and man, he’s grown up!


And quite happy too!


Being a cat, he claims his own place….any where he wants.


Which includes sleeping….any where he wants.

I am infinitely happy that I decided to rescue him and that he’s found such an awesome home and new pet human to feed him.