It is always an adventure

I feel a little sad for those English teachers who come here and do nothing but work, drink, party, work. They are missing out on soooo much adventure. I don’t mean just the typical cultural things, such as temples or Festivals. I’m talking every day things that you see and would normally ignore in your own country but here it stands outs and impossible to ignore.

Like the Crazy Religious Guy.

I spent an hour in McDonald’s just observing this guy making his collage of articles and notes on each page. It was something I can’t really explain how I felt. I was like in some sort of alternate universe while I was eating my fries beside this guy. I tweeted everything he was doing and created a blog entry on it. I felt like I was witnessing something and compelled to stay less this experience be lost. Still, part of the adventure that I am sure the vast majority of Waygook‘s will miss out.

Up next is WTF Art:

Maybe I am no true artist because I just don’t get this type of art. While I am amused that they have such a thing in the Hongdae Trick Art Museum, I really have to question the reason for this to be here, let alone the person who made this. I was disappointed by not being able to get my camera ready quick enough when a couple let their little girl (and by little, I mean 3 years old) walk up to the statue and stick her finger ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

Ever seen an Inflatable wall? Well you can’t say that any more!

Korea has some interesting ideas on construction safety. Not only is there already a giant metal wall surrounding this site, but they felt the need to add in the wall from a jumping room.

Speaking of safety, check this guy out:

At first glance you just see a guy(barely) doing some exterior maintenance or window cleaning(he’s right above the tree). Until you look a bit closer..

The guy is basically sitting on a swing! Don’t see any safety harness there, do you?

But don’t scream, you’ll wake the Subway Troll!

I don’t even know how to begin to describe this. I’ll just leave this here and not say a word.

So, if any of you have text-character bodies, this plastic surgery place is the spot for you!

I think I would prefer real life examples.

Even PedoBear gets a Brazillian!

Itaewon is the place where you can get A-N-Y-T-H-I–N-G. Don’t worry, I’m staying Au-natural.

Korea is a place where you will see all kinds of fashion. I don’t really know what to make of this jacket but I just had to stop the guy and get a picture. I’m sure he just thought I was some crazy Waygook tourist and complied.

I can’t wait to see what the spring/summer will bring me this year for adventure!

Crazy religious Guy

So I was at a McDonalds the other day and saw this guy doing some pretty OCD stuff. I of course immediately got on twitter and started live reporting what I saw for about an hour. Here are the tweets, plus a pic :)

From Random Korea 2012


Wow, the guy is seriously into his article making. I just made out the work ‘Satan’ in Korean. It’s like right out of a Hollywood film!

I got a vid of it, but stupid Android hardwires uploads only for wifi…. # (Sigh, I think I deleted it by accident, ah well)

I’m hanging around out of curiosity. This is truly bizarre #

It’s like watching a scrapbooking reality TV show. #

There are all kinds of handwritten notes in his bible. It is well used. #

I can make out some Korean that translates to “knoweth the son” on the writing he is adding #

Wow, the article he has pasted to a plain piece of paper title is ??? “bullshit” #

Now he back to looking in the bible #

I saw a pic of some white guys. I could make out one of them with a cross on a necklace. He did look kinda evil, in a Tim Burton Santa way #

If anyone is around, I’ll consider doing a short GTalk or even Bambuser shot. Don’t want to be tooo obvious :-) #

I’m sure I could use this stuff for a film! #

He’s bringing out more newspaper articles! #

I think he just dumped one on the floor beneath my chair… #

To his credit, the McDonalds’ tables are small #

Ooooh, he’s found something to cut out! #

My bad. He’s piled the discards right beside his chair. I kinda want to go home but am rather fascinated by this…. #

Lacking white out, he simply cuts a piece of paper and pastes it over his mistakes. Clever indeed. #

He’s Back to scouring the bible again. #

Uh oh. He’s put the marker away but back to scouring the Bible again #

Felt tip marker back out! #

His Bible is old school Korean. Reads top to bottom. #

I think he wrote out a section title ??:13 but the translation doesn’t work. A little hard to read handwriting but his is printed and neat #

Well, I think I’ve had enough fun. This experience will be condensed on my blog later. #

Goodbye #crazyreligiousguy #