You think reality shows are bad in North America?

How about one that lead a young woman to hang herself?

Police report the 29-year-old woman, identified only by her surname, Jeon, hung herself with a hairdryer cord in the bathroom of the residence in which the show is filmed…

From South Korean Broadcaster Cancels Reality Show After Contestant Hangs Herself

To be honest, Koreans are overly dramatic to begin with.  They have no sense of self-worth, or maybe they have too much sense?  To the point where if it feels the least bit disturbed, they can’t stand their life any more.  It simply shows an emotional immaturity where tradition has completely come to odds with modern times.  Maybe they will grow up and join the modern world at some point.  Slowly it is happening but one can only hope it happens faster than their suicide rate “highest suicide rate in the developed world, at 28 people per 100,000“.

Oh that number might not seem much to you but do you know how many people there are in South Korea?  50,000,000.  That is 14,000 people per year!  The most publicized ones are like above.  Some ‘media personality’, or the oft-reported university student (KAIST was gaining some unpopular notoriety for this a short while ago.) but my recent understanding is that the majority of those numbers are actually elderly people, living on the fringes of the countryside who simply can’t afford to eat and commit suicide rather than ask for help(another sign of immaturity of the psyche).  You won’t hear much of those people because it makes the country ‘look bad’, despite this being a reality.  Denial will only make things worse.  So in the years to come, there will be heavy criticism against Korea for pointing fingers at North Korea’s treatment of their citizen when South Korea has quite a similar problem of its own.

You know what they say, one finger-pointing out leaves 3 pointing back.