#Korean subway experiences

Seriously….what the hell?

I’ve had some odd Korean experiences on the subway and this trip certainly is no exception!

Sitting on the subway and this Ajoshi(older Korean man) decides he wants to see what my jeans feel like.  No, not creepy at all eh?  Now, luckily he only pinched the part that was creased out and did not touch me at all, and if i wasn’t looking, I would never have known..but really…personal space people!

Then there was the punk kid who kept pushing against my back.  It was getting annoying and being 50lbs heavier than him, I wasn’t budging.  When I got close to my stop, I turned around and saw why.  He was afraid of touching the girl (with her boyfriend near) more than he was the wagook that was twice the size.  Seriously, its a subway, in a busy city.  Get over your anxieties people!