You aren’t ‘noble’ for your belief

I just watch an awesoem clip from Bill Maher’s “New Rule: Snitch Nation”. This kind of thing can’t be stated enough:

You know, it’s absolutely fine to have a belief. It’s actually good to have oposing opinions. Yet when you tell someone they are ‘wrong’, you have just crossed the line from ‘personal belief’ to ‘personal attack’. You are no longer ‘a considate and well respected’ human being if you talk down to someone about their beliefs, and accuse them of having ‘no good reason’ right after they gave you a massive list of ‘good reasons’.

Everyone konws these types. They are the ones that just have to ‘keep going’ even after you’ve made it clear that any sort of agreement will be forth coming. They are the types that won’t ‘agree to disagree’ even. Which is sad. They claim ‘reason’ yet refuse to acknowledge yours. Typically this is because their ‘reasons’ are based in fear or, even worse, peer pressure from others.

Whatever happen to ‘I may not agree with what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it!” people? Have they all been bumped-off by the modern day Social Justice Warriors? Bet they are simply cowering behind the ‘medical mob of justice’ who will scream at you to death for not being vaccinated. I don’t care wheather you are or aren’t vaccinated, you have your beliefs and I have mine. Just don’t tell me what my beliefs should be when you don’t even know the facts beyond what the news tells you they are.

You know what we really need? We need to take our own power back. For way too long we have left things in the hands of self-interested companies and people. They don’t care about us, they only care about themselves.

I’ve always wanted to make a movie. In fact, there was one particular move that I’d love to see be re-made, as is the fashion these days. Network, from 1976. This movie epitomizes everythign we have experienced and with the ONLY exception being the technology of the days, it states a trouth that has been plaguing us for 45 years! This is the scene which sums up our feelings these days.


Now get out there and get MAD!

Really dude? I’m not interested….

So I’m at the lunch place,  got my laptop setup,  got my tablet on the table,  got a chair with my laptop bag on one end on the bench, effectively blocking the bench in that side,  there are 5 other empty tables and this guy devices to sit in the ONLY spot I can easily get to my laptop.

Sigh.  I know I’m pretty but geeze…. this “law of attraction”  is working beyond my intention! . LOL.


Today’s Random post in#Korea

There is never any end to my amusement here. You just have to see this stuff to believe it.

I’m sure this all properly licensed and whatnot.

The Smileeyes or The Smile eyes.  Can’t tell which.

This next one will need some explaining.

About 2 weeks before we moved out, our next door neighbour in our building got a puppy. (Oh you know where this is going…).  Yes, it was a yappy thing.  See, because of the generally cramped lifestyle in Seoul, no one gets dogs.  They only get ‘snacks for real dogs’.  I mean, I’ve owned cats that are biggest than most of these pets people get here!  For the most part, the thing only yapped constantly during the day and was quiet when the owners were home….usually.  While it wasn’t terribly bad, and we were moving out, I didn’t care so much.  So after we move out, I had to spend a night or two at a friend’s apartment, he lived 5 units down from our old place.  I walk by the yappy-dog apartment and see this:

…kill it or whatever…

I suspect this is from the person who moved into our place and good on them too!  Although maybe not to the extend of killing anything but the point is well made.  By the time left for my new city, I never heard a peep from the apartment any more.  Seemed to have worked :)

My favourite moments from 2012.

I was sitting here, kinda surprised that some people found and liked some of my posts.  I wasn’t even trying to advertise and within 4 days of this blog being up, I have 5 people who liked my “Sex Hagwon” post.  An interesting observation I thought.  While browsing those who liked that post, one of them is a photo-blog.  I thought that was kinda cool.  Then I got the idea of putting together the photos I took and liked best from last year.  So, please enjoy.

Hiking in Milak-dong

Hiking on a mountain near Milak-dong, Uijeongbu

Lake Park, Ilson

Lonely tree in Lake Park, Ilsan

View of Uijeongbu

View of Uijeongbu while hiking behind city hall.

burger from the Smokey Saloon

Cheesy-Cheese burger from the Smokey Saloon, Itaewon

Naju on Thanksgiving

Found in Naju on Thanksgiving

A Volcano in Indonesia

A Volcano in Indonesia

International Flower Festival

International Flower Festival, Lake Park, Ilsan

Hongdae Trick Art Museum

Hongdae Trick Art Museum

Sleeping on the subway

Sleeping on the subway

Typical business marketing

Typical business marketing to draw attention. Worked :)


Budgies in a cab

Budgies in a cab! Driver did magic tricks too!

Toys doing bad things

Toys doing bad things

Cute kids

Cute kids