Kitten, Parties and Christmas

So I went to my first Christmas Party with some friends. Got there at about 1ish, we hung out, had some eggnog and rum, then some apple cider, snacked on chips and of course….petted the kitten!

Then while we were eating…..The Gravy Incident happened.

We had those ‘party poppers’ and my friend sitting to the right of me, popped hers and then proceeded to elbow the freshly made gravy right into my lap. So there I was, first time at my friend’s place, 8 other people watching and her suddenly shouting ‘get your pants off!’. To be honest, I’ve not seen any more of a creative way for a woman to ask this of me before, so big props to her! :D

I got these cute little PJs for the rest of the party while my pants/sweater/socks were being de-gravied.

We also played Cards Against Humanity, Canadian Edition. Had a good amount of fun with that, as you would normally expect clearly ‘mature’ adults to have.

Had a good amount of ‘deep friend turkey'(never had it that way before, it was good!), mashed potatoes and of course desserts.

All-in-all, one of the best times I’ve had in awhile. I’m very grateful for my friends!

Posh Events

To paraphrase Mel Brooks (as Louis the XVI IN The History of the World,  Part 1):

“It is good to be connected. ”

My dear friend Andrew Majtenyi ( gets invited to a number of posh networking events, and being in town I get to be a guest of his at these events.

Here you see me at The Home House Club(about a $3300 yearly membership) having a good time.


This was a client meet &  greet put on by Comptons ( There I met some lovely people and had a blast. Last week we were at another event and I met many people. This event,  I met only 5 people,  stayed the majority of my time with just 3 of them. Quality over quantify this time and it was worth it. One person I met was a big fan of Archer! We a great chat over that loveable “Douchebag James Bond” and the insanely dysfunctional office staff.

I’m writing this to kill time before another event. I wonder how this one will go. On the plus side,  one of the persons we meet last night incited is to a party at a newly opened bar at The Strand.  So a bit of event hoping tonight!