Trip home!

Well, it’ll be nearly 17 months since my last visit home so it’ll be nice….almost.  See, my last visit home was during the summertime…this time…Winter.  What kinda makes this worse is that where I live now, it rarely gets below freezing and rarely gets snow.  From that to go to Canada during January?  Well, at least it won’t be as bad a February’s are.

Ok, so I’ll be in Canada from Jan 14th to the 28th.  I know that at the weekend of the 18th we’ll be in the Ottawa area.  Outside of that, I’m fairly open to meeting anyone in the Golden Horseshoe area or in the Ottawa area if you live that way too :)

The rough plan is to hit Toronto on the 16th(Thursday) and meet up with people there in the evening at a restaurant.  Then Friday we head out to Ottawa, stay there till Sunday and come back.

I’m staying the next weekend but my wife is not.  (oddly it’s the same price for me staying 3 more days…).  So I have one more weekend back home as well.

Will be nice to have a Tim Horton’s coffee again :D  Oh…and see friends/family too ;)