Walk to the Ocean in #Korea!

I’ve never been able to walk to an Ocean before.  OK, technically its the ‘East China Sea’, meh whatever.  Big body of water that doesn’t stop till I hit Antarctica.

Sadly my pics of my walk are few.  I was trying something new (using the walking app to record pics) but didn’t completely understand how to use it and thus not saving most of the pics I took.  No worries, it’s not like I’m never going to go there again :)

I did get a couple of pics and a bunch of videos though.  Enjoy!

Plaque for statue

What is amusing about this is that the word for Fish is not the same as the word for the fish that you eat. Here you see literally ‘fish meat statue’, from what I understand of Korean. Kinda amusing.


It is a nice piece of artwork. Lots of lights around it. Looking forward to a nice warm evening here one night.