Minion Dave and the Jeju Chocolate Museum

Someone told us that this was the second largest chocolate museum in the world (with Germany being the first).  We were pretty disappointed with it but didn’t stop Dave from getting good pics!

Goseong Dinosaur Museum

Visited a Dinosaur Museum and get to see some fossilized footprints. Pretty cool.

Every time I go to this place, I always see something new. It’s just a damn cool place and worth the increased fee from KRW1,000 to KWR2,000.

2011-12-27 10.57.05
Cool Star Wars figures. Don’t ask me why there is a Bruce Lee and a couple of others mixed in there, nor ask me why Qui Gon Jin’s hair is blowing in the wind.

2011-12-27 10.57.322011-12-27 10.57.502011-12-27 10.58.02

Star Blazers (aka Battleship Yamato) was a cool cartoon when we were young. The recent Live Action version of it has only been released in Asia. It’s a shame they are taking so long in getting it to the West.

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