Goseong Dinosaur Museum

Visited a Dinosaur Museum and get to see some fossilized footprints. Pretty cool.

Toy Museum

Every time I go to this place, I always see something new. It’s just a damn cool place and worth the increased fee from KRW1,000 to KWR2,000.

2011-12-27 10.57.05
Cool Star Wars figures. Don’t ask me why there is a Bruce Lee and a couple of others mixed in there, nor ask me why Qui Gon Jin’s hair is blowing in the wind.

2011-12-27 10.57.322011-12-27 10.57.502011-12-27 10.58.02

Star Blazers (aka Battleship Yamato) was a cool cartoon when we were young. The recent Live Action version of it has only been released in Asia. It’s a shame they are taking so long in getting it to the West.

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