I made it

I am finally in my new city.  What an adventure it had been to get here.  I am waiting at the bus terminal for my wife now.  When she is done her school orientation, then we will go to our new place.

This is a typical small town bus terminal.  I have been in some rather expensive houses that would be bigger.  The cabbies all wait under a covered area.  Very posh for them.


I get the feeling we will really like it here. While big Towns have everything there is one thing they could never have….that small town feeling. The “not in a rush to go every where”, the “get outta my way” aujumma rushing for the subway for dear life despite the fact that another one will be along in 5mins, the “accidental bump but I don’t have time to apologize” event are all missing from places like this. Yes, it will be nice indeed.