Unpacking in #Korea

Now comes the”joy” of unpacking.

Obviously after a long day, we didn’t do any major unpacking after the move to our new place yesterday.  Still, I managed to unpack about 9 boxes, out of the 50 total.  Mostly kitchen stuff and a box of shoes.  Things that could be immediately put away without creating further clutter.


Today is when it gets real.  Some real organizing so we can start enjoying our new, currently bedless place.  I start by moving the boxes piled up in the hallway-of-a-kitchen area, into our main room.  I put everything in one corner so I can set up our really cool “closet organizer”.  See, the vast majority of apartments don’t have closets, so we bought one that is basically a collection of pretty metal bars connected by plastic holders.  I’ll get a pic picture completed thing after.

Now that I have made space for the closet  I need to get the little pieces, tips and bottoms of the bars…..which are in a box….that is in this pile. :(


Not only is it in third pile….the pieces are in the FIRST box, in the corner of this pile!  Dammit.

I need more coffee. Oh wait….don’t know what box the sugar is in….sigh