Seeing a show…Miso (Smile)

Sat night we went to see a play.  Miso, which means smile in Korean.

My inlaws came to Korea to visit.  We only had 4 days so what we could see was somewhat limited but enough to give them a good taste (no pun intended) of the country.  We saw some temples, some fortresses and some of the good tourist places (we avoided Itaewon like the plague).  Sat night we went to see a play.  Miso, which means smile in Korean.

It seems that my wife reserved tickets for Sunday.  Luckily we were able to change them.  We got the back row and then the pre-show started before we were in our seats.  As a permanent show, it is popular with tour groups. So it want surprising to see a whole bunch of Chinese tourists waiting to see the show.

What was surprising was to sere them sitting in the seats we just purchased. Then refusing to move saying “stay together” as the Chinese chick indicated to the row in front of her. So we get one if the staff who had to continuously and insistently ask them to move. Ooh the howels of protest that brought. Seriously. Theses people just literally decided that the seats at the back were better and moved there, then proceeded to argue with the theatre staff on why they should be allowed to stay. It was pathetic.

And just to clarify, we weren’t the only ones who wanted the seats we paid for.

Eveeeentually they moved. Not without some dirty looks, to wit I returned equally. Then later on, when they were finally seated down near the front, when ever one of them turned back, I smiled at them and waved happily. Welcome to the truly capitalized world Chinese tourists! Where we sit where we paid for and not move around on a whim.

Yes indeed, I smiled, just like the play name.