Foundation for success: S. Korean men turn to makeup to get an edge in workplace, romance – Winnipeg Free Press

More bullshit numbers in the news.

South Korean men spent $495.5 million on skincare last year, accounting for nearly 21 per cent of global sales, according to global market research firm Euromonitor International. That makes it the largest market for men’s skincare in the world, even though there are only about 19 million men in South Korea. Amorepacific, South Korea’s biggest cosmetics company, estimates the total sales of men’s cosmetics in South Korea this year will be more than $885 million.

huh? You mean to say that every one of those Korean men spent $26,000,000 on makeup? Seriously? The average income is significantly less than that. Wanna try that again Winnipeg Press?

oh, and 19,000,000 men in Korea? Given that the current population just tips the scales at 50,000,000 how can you say “male dominated” without proper explanation? The number of Korean men is actually closer too 25,000,000.

I can back up each of my claims. Can you? Or are you just another mainstream media parrot? Can’t you at least afford to have people write decently researched articles?