So the last few days have been spent bouncing back and forth between learning GitHub and learning Palaver.  Learning both is a mix of finding only tutorials(well, for GitHub, none for Palaver actually) and trial/error.  I finally found a GitHub one that is great for beginners as for some reason, everyone else just kinda assumes  you know what you are doing with GitHub when they wrire their tutorials…..which kinda defeats the purpose of the tutorial really.

With Palaver I’ve been updating the severely deplorable Wiki page into something more useful!  It’s a slow process as I learn more and tweak it more.  Right now, I’m trying to tweak the voice into something a little more pleasant. 

First, and a nice combination of the two things I am learning, how to get the repo from GitHub an then install it.  Did it once with Wine, need to find help repeating the process.

Compiling from source (Update 4)

So I’ve been kinda ‘jonesin‘ for a change to get back into playing Skyrim ever since a friend went on vacation and let me play his XBox while watching his dog for a week.

I have also been wanting Valve to release a Linux version of Steam.  A couple of months I found that they did a Linux client, sweet!  So I installed it and then a friend gifted me with a copy of Half-Life 2 on Steam.  That was fun.

Then I heard about DOTA2. I thought that was a pretty cool looking game, free.  So I signed up and got on a waiting list.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited more.  I gave up thinking about it but in November, I finally got approved after 3 months.  I was kinda surprised because I was like 150,000 in line or some such high number that didn’t budge at all.  So, was having fun with that for like 3 weeks and then….I saw Skyrim on Sale.  75% off for a grand total of $7.49USD.  Sadly, still only a Windows game.  Still, I thought, I could just buy it and wait till I maybe build a windows system (not sure if I really wanted to go that route at all) or give Wine a try.

Before anyone says that Wine is just an emulator, read this from their site:

Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator“) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OSX, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop.

Just to be clear “Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate (imitate) another program or device.”  Wine does not emulate.  It literally translates Windows calls into Linux calls.

That being said, that does not mean everything works exactly as offered.  Wine offers some nice choices.  In fact there are nearly 21,000 programs in their database which have been test/work with Wine.

So I decide, what the hell.  It’s only $7.49.  If I can’t get Wine to work, no biggie.  I’ll just put it on the back-burner to eventually do something with it.  After a little playing around….ok, a fair bit of playing around to tweak it to work relatively smoothly enough to be playable, I got it to work just fine.  Thus leading into a new obsession.  I am simply blown away by the level of detail paid to this game.  First, the eye-candy:

And one more, day shot:

Some awesome views but the detail I am talking about is with the game itself.  You can find books all over the place and read each one!  Pretty damn cool and a level of detail I’ve not heard of in any other game.  Admittedly, I’ve not played many other games but still…never heard of it.

Ok, so great, the game plays.  I cranked up 38hrs of gameplay is a relatively short time (steams shows you how long you ‘ve played each game).  Everything was going fine then….Steam sent out an update.

Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x7bc5787b).
Register dump:
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
EIP:7bc5787b ESP:0033fab8 EBP:0033fba0 EFLAGS:00010202(  R- —  I   – – – )
EAX:00000000 EBX:7bcc8000 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000004
ESI:00000002 EDI:0033fca4
Stack dump:
0x0033fab8:  0033fb24 0033fc08 0000000c 0013bd88
0x0033fac8:  00000000 0033fb2c f75b4378 0013bda0
0x0033fad8:  00000002 0013bd88 0013bda0 00000000
0x0033fae8:  0013be78 0033fb2c 7bc48937 00000000
0x0033faf8:  0033fc04 0033fc14 7bc33f00 00000034
0x0033fb08:  ffffffff 0033fb2c 7bc34b47 00110064

Noooooo!  Just when things were going well.  Sigh.  So off to Google I go.  After some digging and chatting with the guys on #winehq, this became a known problem quickly and a fix was already in the works/soon to be release(tomorrow I think).  Ugh.  Well, I could go back to playing DOTA2 for awhile, which I did.  But then I got edgy.  Maybe I’ll consider the ‘compile from source’ option someone mentioned.  Off to Google I go again!

This…..this turned out to simply be a challenge just to find out HOW to do it, let alone go through the process itself.  Eventually I narrowed down the how-to to two different websites(crazy huh?) to be able to start the process.  Let’s see how this goes shall we?

First is

This was great except it didn’t tell me WHAT to do with the files after I got them.  Just how to manage my own GIT versions and such.

Second was

This told me what to do with the files but didn’t tell me how to get them. But wait…I know how to get them now….ok, let’s put the two together :)

This worked….well, it started to work then tossed me an error.  After searching on this error message, it seems I needed to run “./configure --enable-win64” because of my AMD FX6100 64bit cpu.  Great….but ran into another error.  At least this one told me I was just missing a program (bison), which I installed and finally the ‘configure’ part finished.  This was when I decided “I should probably document this in case anyone else runs into the same issue and maybe my blog gets a hit on their googling for an answer?”.

So I just ran ‘make’ (which does the actual compiling in my understanding) and waiting for it to be done.

Wine build complete.

Now this is what I like to see!  Running winecfg worked just fine.  Now to install Steam!

I followed for details to install. Steam installed fine.  Updated fine.  When I went to log into my account, crashed!  Sigh.

Well, tried a few more times to get Steam to work, no dice.  So, gonna wait till 1.7.8 comes out now.  Ah well.


Ok, so 1.7.8 was released. I go through the whole rigamarole and still the same problem. When I check the version, it was showing 1.4.1 o_O. I don’t quite get that considering I downloaded 1.7.8. Of course it crashes again. Ugh. I give up and leave it for the day. When I try again, I make sure I remove any mention of 1.4 installation. Then when I try to run wine (afte just compiling it of course) I get ‘not found’?! Err, this is messed. I look at the wine-git directory and can see a ‘wine’ that is a sym-linked file. Then I noticed below it a wine64(sym-linked as well). Ohhhhh. I recall the “–enable-win64”. When I type in wine64, it works! Geeze….documentation people! It’s probably mentioned someone but buried deep and not even close to those less than OCD on reading documentation.

And it seems that it still doesn’t work. typing just ‘wine’ fails to find any program. wine64 finds a program. So typing wine64 + should work. That did seem to setup Steam as it installed other components(yay) but after that, nothing. I can’t open steam. It literally gives me zero info when I type ‘wine64 Steam.exe’ in the Steam directory. Sigh. The quest continues.


Hey lookee what I found: You’d think they’d link that in the default documents somewhere (“For 64bit versions click here” type of deal eh?).



The following packages have unmet dependencies:
libjack-dev : Depends: libjack0 (= 1:0.121.3+20120418git75e3e20b-2.1) but it is not going to be installed
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
+ uname -m
+ test x86_64 = x86_64
+ echo I do not know how to install 32 bit libraries for distro LinuxMint
15 yet
I do not know how to install 32 bit libraries for distro LinuxMint
15 yet

So I install ‘libjack0’ and the scripted I Dl’d does it’s thing.  What a bizarre message.


So, after all that, a recompile and still can’t launch steam.  Found out how to add the ppa to my Software Sources.  Let’s see how that goes.  No dice there.  Still doesn’t even list wine at all. :/  So, looking further I see a manual way to install wine1.7.   ‘sudo apt-get install wine1.7’.  Gonna try that then go make sure it launches.

Was on #winehq and because steam is a 32bit, the 64bit won’t work most likely.  Well, definitely not in my case.  So I need the 32 bit.  I believe doing the above will install both versions.

Well, after reisntalling steam (again, I  really should have just left it alone as this was just a wine issue apparently…) I successfully logged in!  Now to reisntall Skyrim and back to my obsession!

Thanks to everyone who helped me muddle through this, mistakes and all!

New New New setup….

So, not only did my monitor die and have to be replaced, the OS then shortly started tanking.  It all started by the stupidest of things….an external USB HDD.

See, I’ve been needing to back things up for a while on a few of my devices (My wife’s laptop, my netbook and my main machine).  So I am finally in a position to get the added devices required(external USB DVD burner for the netbook, USB HDD for everything).  First issue was the DVD burner was missing a cable.  Had to go back and get that.  Annoying but it seems to be working now.

Now, when I got the USB HDD, I plugged it into my machine and backed some stuff up.  Knowing that simply copy/pasting LARGE amounts of files is generally a bad thing (because you never know exactly where it stops and when you are copying 70,000 files, you certainly don’t have time to figure out where it stopped/retry a whack of bad files.  So I did a short test and it worked fine.  I moved over to test out the windows backup program that these drives came with, on my wife’s laptop, worked fine.  When I went back to my system and plugged it in a few days later (actually, I had plugged it in, left it for about 5 days and got back to backing up again) my whole system froze.  I didn’t immediately suspect the drive because, why would I?  It had been working just fine earlier.  After about an hour I unplugged it and lo-and-behold, everything started working fine again.  WTH?!  I plug it in, freezes.  Unplug, unfreezes.  That ain’t right.

I plug it into my wife’s windows laptop, works fine.  Oh this sucks.  Why the hell is Debian freezing solid when windows just hums along?  Well I did what I could and let windows scan/repair any bad sectors.  That took a few hours on a 1TB drive.  When done, plugged it back in to my Linux machine and all was good.  Stupid.

So I backed everything up (well, only missed a few things….ugh, nothing critical, but mildly annoying) then my system went screwy again.  Not related to the USB HDD this time….but my video.  After some attempts and a reboot, things were still not better.  Well screw it, I was thinking of reinstalling as I could find no help anywhere with this.  So, I downloaded Unbuntu 13.04 (because I wanted to test out Steam and games) and installed that.

Ubuntu installed fine and updates took quite a while (must remember not to allow updates during install….would save me an hour or two waiting! Updates can be done later.).  Everything went fine.  Got Steam installed and then Steam had some issues with me buying a game.  Figures. Still waiting to hear from them.  So while I was waiting, I grabbed a freebie game and played with that for a while.  Worked fine and having a bit of fun.

Now, Ubuntu uses a new ‘fancy’ desktop called Unity.  Unity up and crashed on me.  Oh great.  I was able to fix it without much difficulty.  Ok, so that happens.  But when it happens a 3rd time and I could not even get to my desktop at all, well screw that.  I switched over to Linux Mint (which uses a fork of Gnome2 for a desktop, no fancy graphics here now) and so far it’s been awesome.  I’m working on customizing my desktop to look pretty without being/needing fancy graphics to do so.  that’s all I really wanted any ways.


Computer class

Here are the outline of the courses I wrote up.  Ideally I’d like to see each person with their own hardware they bought and we assemble a system from scratch but that will be for something down the line.


Proposed Course Agenda

1/ The Basics of Hardware
– learn and identify specific components of computer hardware
– build and assemble a computer
       – includes understanding specific software for each components
– use a ‘live CD’ operating system
– touch on system maintenance and efficiency

2/ The Basic of Operating Systems
– install an operating system (Linux/Windows)
– configure and update
– what Linux can do that Windows cannot
– Windows mandatory protection software and maintenance requirements

3/ The Basics of Networking
– learn terms used in networking
– understanding how machines talk to each other
– setup a network
– use network to create a ‘group’ or ‘resource shared environment’
– setup a network game

4/ Networking level 2
– understanding routers
– configure port routing (for specific applications, i.e. skype,
remote access…)
– installing a custom router operating system
– setting up a firewall

5/ The Internet
– understanding HTML
– blogs/CMS
– effective searching/find anything online
– what online ‘file sharing’ is and what bit torrent means
       – includes completely legal file sharing

6/ The Digital World
– technology around us
– Laptops/Netbooks/Smart Phones/PDAs
– integrating effectively with technology
– where to find help

7/ Hardware – Modding!
– how to modify your computer case to have the coolest looking one on the block!
– light ’em up!  How to install lights and modify LEDs to suit your look
– water cooling!  Install a completely fanless setup and never hear
your computer again while       it stays cool

8/ Security (*See Notes)
– what you absolutely need to stay protected
– Windows requirements
– Linux requirements
– how to choose a good password
– how to never forget another password ever again
– why you need a firewall and why the Windows Firewall may not be enough

9/ Effective technology for small businesses (*See Notes)
– properly managing what you have
– what you really need to run a business
– what is open source (free) and how you can use it to save money

10/ Online marketing (*See Notes)
– why you need to be online
– what are the costs and where to start
– how to have your website pay for itself
– how to get top rankings in search engines
– how to present yourself as an authority in your field of business
– online joint ventures


Classes will be held-bi-weekly and each class will be 2hrs in length.
Titles with (*See Notes) are geared towards adults who either own a
business or want to help their company get online.

Courses 1-7:  2 hrs per class, two classes per month, cost is $40 per
attendee.  Discounts apply for multiple registrants within the same

Course 8-10:  2 hrs per class, two classes per month, cost is $50 per
attendee.  Discounts apply for multiple registrants within same


» Why Watching DVDs on Linux is Illegal in the USA Just more bullshit laws that keep life and technology from being used by the average person. Linux is more than ready (for you Apple fanboys, you might want to look deep into what the base of your OS is made of) for the home user but laws like this serve no purpose other than to restrict media from being free of human greed.