Kraft Dinner in Korea

You all might be wondering what the heck could I possible write about that would ever be interesting about KD.  Let me tell you.

While packing my house prior to my move, I was going through food and seeing what I can donate/use prior.  Now, Korea doesn’t have everything Canada has, for obvious reasons.  You can get many things but they tend to be way over inflated due to import costs.  I had heard that KD was like $5 per box.  Well, I had one box left and decided to take it with me.

I had told Bharati to get some hotdogs to go in the KD.  She did and I think she got them during a Costco run.  The package was some sort of ‘double-pack’, meaning two packages of 5 hotdogs each.  I opened the ‘outer packaging’ and removed one of the sealed 5-packs.  I turned on a frying pan to cook them up a bit while making the KD.  I kept turning them over to keep them from burning on one side and trying to get them slightly brown.  No real need to cook them as the meat is <a href=”;v=UhwXPsTaRgc&#8221; target=”_blank”>cooked prior</a> to getting to the stores but extra cooking ensures safe eating.

Ok, so now the KD is all done, the butter, milk and cheese mixture all combined.  Now to cut the hotdogs down to size.  Uh oh….no sharp knife.  Well, a butter knife should do.  Wait….this skin is rather tough and not cutting very well.  Sigh, well I hate to do it but I use my pocket knife (after I thoroughly cleaned it of course!).  It cuts but still a little tough….and what’s that skin peeling up?  It looks transparent…..oh my god, the dogs are individually sealed as well!!!


Well, now comes the fun of getting the plastic coating off and seeing if any of it still stuck to the dog after being slightly burnt in the frying pan.  Luckily most of it came off but rather tough trying to peel hot dogs.

Ok, finally all cut up, have a quick taste.  Hmm….not anything to write home about, maybe even something to try to avoid in the future.  Find some other brand from the Army Base or such net time I think.

A good dump into the KD pot and mix it all up.  Put some into a bowl and add ketchup.  The ketchup <em>almost </em>balances out the not-so-great hotdogs……almost.

Down it all with a 580KRW ($0.58) 250ml can of Coke and it was at least a meal that will keep me alive, if over preserved.