Pop Music in Korea (KPOP)

A culture can be defined by many things, least of all music. Music has a way of transcending barriers and has often been called the ‘universal language’ (or was that math or Love…I don’t recall…). Still, when ever I am exposed to another culture, I try to see what it’s music is like. It’s not hard to find something you like in any culture if you look hard enough. Here are my favourites that I have found so far.

The first is G Dragon. One might be tempted to say that I like him purely based on his name, and truth be told, I started listening based on that name alone but then the music I liked. So it worked out :) In face, this song is G Dragon and T.O.P pair of singers.

The next is another song, from their same album. The word you hear repeated is supposed to mean Knockout. Funny thing about translations, I have not been able to find that translated by an online translation yet. I do know that the second part of the work (guy-yo) means go or go out. Still, it’s a funky little tune.

And the last one, for today, is your very typical teeney type of band. Dal Shabet, a 6 girls and the video truly reflects their market. Still, I find their beat for this song rather interesting so here you go. Try NOT to get it stuck in your head :P  I won’t bother commenting on the implications of their other song, Pink Rocket.

I’m sure I’ll be adding more songs as the years go by. You can be sure that eventually the Korean groups will be heading that way…as soon as the big industry controllers over there let them in. It is inevitable as their popularity is growing fast in this part of the world.