Bus speed buzzer at Jinju, South Korea – SoundCloud

Listen to Bus speed buzzer at Jinju, South Korea by DragonDon Belmore #np on #SoundCloud


Allow me to regale you with the soothing sounds of a bus driver that doesn’t give a fuck about speed limits no the comfort of his passengers.

The ONLY reason it stopped it’s because a truck pulled in front of him and he had to slow down. That didn’t last long. The idiot passed him and back came that fucking sound. I didn’t have tinnitus before but I think I got it now…

I’m being threatened….

You know, there are all kinds of people on the internet.  The ones who decide to act with anger and stupidity stand out the farthest.  So let me educate anyone who is not a regular/long-time blogger on something you may encounter.  I had mostly forgotten about this incident as it was 1.5yrs ago and figured that the other individual did as well and we both moved one but wait….guess who pops back up and decided to threaten me AGAIN.  Well, time to get this sorted out.  Only someone who has something to hide would get so bent out of shape….or maybe he really just needs to see a shrink.  Seriously, this is idiocy at it’s best on how he behaves.

In August of 2012, I saw an article about a girl who donated money to North Korea by tying dollar bills to balloons and letting them float over the border.  Nice gesture but ultimately fruitless if not downright putting North Korean citizens in danger for possessing US/Won (article wasn’t clear what was sent) money because if they were found out, there would be….”questions”.  I digress.

I would encourage you all to read the article and take from it what you think then read my post on it.

Here is the post that I imported to WordPress.  Here is the original post sitting on my old domain name (still wondering what to do about the site, kinda funny that Mr Clueless went to a website that no one reads any more but hey, that just shows how technologically illiterate he really is….).

I was just fine to leave this alone and let it float in the electronic ether of the ‘Net but not this guy who decided to make public threats to me.  Now all my readers are aware Mr Heffelmire.  Your IP address has been recorded.  Your home address is in the article.  Your phone number is publicly available to anyone with a web browser and Google.  On top of that, I have sent in a tip to the FBI should you feel the need to, as you say “teach you a lesson about the real world and how real men deal with little freaks and shut-ins like you. Please test my words – test my resolve – test my action. I look forward to meeting you face to face.”.  You may wish to re-think your attitude to those of us who understand how “real men” deal with cyber-bullies like you.

And if this was too much to read, let me shorten it for you:  Fuck Off and the FBI may be in touch.